Workforce Management - Real Time Employee Management and Gamification

Workforce Management
Real Time Employee Management And Gamification

Real Time Workforce Status Management

Note: Workforce Status Management is always part of our call recording solution at no extra charge. 

VSlogger allows managers to quickly monitor employees with our simple employee management dashboard. Easily segment employee extensions into teams or departments, and get a quick snap-shot of what agents are on a project, on break, or actively on a call. 

  • Monitor Logged-In Time
  • Monitor On Project Time (Such as self-training, or meetings)
  • Monitor Number of Agents on Break
  • Monitor Number of Calls Made
  • Monitor Percent of Calls and Individual Performance

Gamification – Individual And Team Performance

With the number of calls and percentage tracking, a simple but effective gamification model can be created. Teams can be created, or individuals can compete based on in-house rules and performance indicators. 

Each employee can log into the system (we don’t charge per seat licensing) and watch the dashboard live, or each Agent can view their individual statistics within Desktop Assistant. Agents can see who is taking the most number of calls, and what team or individual is dominating for the da

In-Depth Business Intelligence Reports

Detailed reports allow you to track your busiest time of the day, week, or the year. These reports provide a clear documentation of your business, no more guessing when to ramp up call agents, or when to schedule proper shifts, the data provides enough info to help you make qualified business decisions.

Reports combined with real-time employee activity provides an effective tool to properly manage your workforce and assist you with proper staffing, shift changes, on-break management, and more.

In Depth Reports

Desktop Assistant – Agent Can Control Status

Utilizing the desktop assistant, agents can properly inform managers their current status.  Desktop Assistant allows agents to mark when they are on-break, on a project, or when they are on the floor and receiving and making calls. This status and time accumulation is then relayed to VSLogger, and subsequently displayed on the call recording dashboard. 

As an added bonus, desktop assistant (with proper permissions), allows agents to flag active calls or make notes to properly file recordings for later playback or review. Additionally, agents are provided their individual statistics for number of calls and overall performance.   

Interactive Timeline View

In addition to our standard table view of all recorded calls for search and playback, we offer a unique and interactive timeline view. Timeline View is a new graphical view that provides a visual representation of call activity in a chronological order. You can see agent activity and call volume during peak times in a visual timeline format. Green represent an audio file, blue represents a video file, and red is the selected recording actively playing.

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Compatibility: Our monitoring and recording software is compatible with a variety of PBX systems. For a complete list please click here.

Recording Scenarios and Wiring: Please take a look at our online catalog outlining some of the wiring and types of recording we can do. Not all scenarios are listed so please speak with an account manager to see if we can support your system and layout.