VoIP Call Recording - Record Your IP Calls

VoIP Call Recording – Record Your IP Calls

With bandwidth efficiency and low deployment costs, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is one of the hottest technology boosts in the voice communications market. Many businesses are migrating from traditional copper-wire phone lines and systems to VoIP phone systems.  This allows companies to increase flexibility and reduce monthly phone service costs.

In recent years, a majority of all new PBX lines installed have been VoIP.

Versadial’s call recording solutions are suitable for recording VoIP lines, individual phones, or/and SIP trunks. With a Versadial VoIP recorder, you have the flexibility of recording on standard based VoIP lines (SIP) or proprietary PBX vendor-specific VoIP phone lines.

Test drive our software by accessing our online demo. It’s the best way to see our feature-rich 5-star solution for yourself! 

Have a Hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP Provider? Versadial can record your calls on these platforms. Take advantage of having your calls recorded and stored locally. If you change your hosted phone provider, your calls will be retained and not lost to the cloud! Our solution can be moved as you change your phone system, giving you peace of mind that your recordings will remain secure and easy to access for years after they are recorded.

  • Record Multiple VoIP Phone Lines at Once
  • Virtual Machine Compatible. Recorder can be installed in a virtual environment (View Specs for VM)
  • No Per Seat License – We License Based on Per Channel
  • Unlimited License Access to Recordings
  • We Support a Variety of PBX Manufacturers and multiple Host Based VoIP providers
  • Auto Archive Recordings to External Drives, Providing Virtually Unlimited Data Storage
  • Slim VoIP Case Designs to Fit Your Network
  • VoIP Call Recorder kit option available

With unlimited access to the recordings, you can have multiple managers accessing the data without the need for additional licenses. Need your agents to listen to their calls for self-training? Not a problem, no additional fees or costs are involved with our recorder software.

Have a dedicated account manager explain recording details and provide a customized quote to fit your business phone system needs. 

For a more in-depth look at our recording software, please visit: Versadial Call Recording Software  page.

Common Call Recording Connection Using Mirror Port
Common Connection Using Mirror Port

How We Connect to Your Phone lines

Visit Call recording Scenarios Page for details on how Versadial connects to your partcular phone system.

Quality Control

Conduct quality control tests with our QC grading module, finding order entry errors or missed information. Increase productivity and training with a combination or grading and reports.

Detailed Graphs

VSLogger provides visual and accurate graphs on a variety of variables and data. Our recorder collects a magnitude of data during your daily operations, providing you an excellent resource to monitor your overall business production and performance.

Sales Training

A call recorder for sales training is an excellent tool for using real life successes or failures during sales training meetings. Listen to calls that target a specific issue, or highlight a quality performance. With our systems in place you can easily extract the calls for external use and playback.

Auto Archiving

Archive your data to comply with compliance requirements. Our auto archiving feature allows you to store and back up an unlimited amount of data. Our systems are capable of storing up to 148,000 hours directly on the server, allowing you to access recordings from a few years back instantly.

Video Transcript:
Hi, I’m Corey with Versadial, and I’m going to go over our Voice Over IP….or VoIP call recorder solution. VoIP has become increasingly more popular in recent years as both phone and internet technology continues to improve. So what is VoIP?:

VoIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way transmission of conversations using Internet Protocol (IP).

Our Solution
So let’s talk about our VoIP recorder. Our solution isn’t hosted in the cloud or on a far off distant planet…our solution involves an actual PC server that usually sits in your telecom or network closet. The server is what runs the recording software and holds all of the recorded calls.

The Server
The server we use for our VoIP recording solution is a slim rackmount PC. As you can see, it is fairly small and easy to place within a server rack or sitting on a desk. Unlike recording digital or analog lines, we don’t need a physical recording board. Instead we use the NIC on the server.

The Switch
Now, you are probably wondering, how do we actually capture the voice and the data. Most offices have a switch, it looks similar to this. Your phones are usually attached to this switch and then run out to your employees handset. In some instances, PC’s are also attached to the switch or there is an additional switch used for PC networking. On most newer office switches there is a single port that can be configured to mirror all the other ports. The port is usually referred to as a Span Port or Mirror port.

Configure the Switch
Your IT manager or consultant will configure your switch to take all voice data and send it to this one SPAN/MIRROR port. This port is then directly connected to the call recording server via an Ethernet cable. So all voice data is sent to the recording server via this port.

No Switch with a Span/Mirror Port
Now, if you don’t have a switch with a span/mirror port there are a few options for you. Option 1 is you can go and purchase a large switch with this feature.

Option 2 is the ability to purchase a basic switch such as the GS105Ev2 Netgear. Now because this switch doesn’t have enough ports to allow for your PC’s and your Phones…we usually cannot record Extension to Extension calls. If recording extension to extension calls is not important to you, then purchasing this switch is an affordable option.

Server Configuration
Once you have all the connections in place, one of our support technicians will assist with the final configuration on the server. After the setup is done your calls will start to be recorded and you can use our software to listen to live calls or conduct quality control tests on your recordings.

Contact Us
That covers the basics behind our VoIP call recorder solution. If you have any questions or need to go into greater detail please give us a call at 949-457-0650 or visit us online at www.versadial.com.

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