Versadial Support Videos

Versadial Videos

Versadial Support Videos

Please review the videos below to assist with your Versadial Recorder Installation. This page contains all available videos. 

Adutante Installation and Activation

Versadial recording software installation and activation for Adutante only. Adutante controls user management, recorder management, and permissions. VSLogger, a separate installation is the recorder software. Both pieces of software is run together to form the complete recording system.

Recordings Hard Drive Partition Creation

How to properly partition HD for Versadial software and recordings.

IP Addressing and Networking

How to configure a static, or fixed address, to always find your Versadial recorder on the network.

Windows Control Panel Configuration

This is to ensure power management, and firewalling are correctly set to ensure Versadial recorder is configured to be accessible within your network.

Windows 10 Prof Edition Update Settings for Versadial Recording Server

Configuring Windows 10 to prevent automatic updates. This reduces the chances of the recording server from rebooting unexpectantly.

Wireshark Installation

Wireshark (open source application) allows Versadial and you to see the data (VoIP traffic) coming through your phone system. This allows Versadial to properly verify and configure that the Versadial recorder will be able to properly record your phones.

Synway Recording Card Installation – With Versadial Recorder

Synway recording card (one of our most common recording cards) used to record analog or digital lines. Video shows common configuration settings for the Versadial Recorder.

Call Recorder Demo Videos

Schedule a Live Demo today and get an in depth look into our call recording software solution. 

VSLogger Live Monitoring Demo

You may live monitor calls when you are directly connected to the VSLogger Recording Server.

  • Live Monitoring of Active Calls
  • Quick Search Of Channels
  • Playback of Recent Recordings

Basic Call Search and Playback Demo

When directly connected to the VSLogger Recording Server you may search and playback recordings.

  • Filter by date range
  • Select from multiple recording providers
  • Listen to calls and update notes

VSLogger Quality Control Form – Call Recording

This video will provide a basic insight into the Quality Control Module for VSLogger. This demo highlights the evaluation portion of the QC module within the AdutanteH5 UI and provides a tiny peek into the training ability that VSLogger can offer.

  • Create Custom Forms
  • Call Recording and General Evaluation
  • Unlimited Questions and Sections

VSLogger Quality Control Form Creation

This video will provide a basic insight into the Quality Control Module for VSLogger. This demo highlights the form creation portion of the QC module within AdutanteH5.

  • Select a call to be graded
  • Evaluate Agent with Custom Forms
  • Send evaluations out for review

Call Recording Solution – Return On Investment

Versadial call recorder is more than just a way to listen to your agents, it is a valuable business tool that will pay for itself on day one. Reports and quality control features allow you to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution. Train your agents and be more efficient with your call center management.

  • Most Cost Effective ROI Solution
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Business Performance

VoIP Call Recorder – How It Connects and Works

Short video on how our VoIP call recorder works and captures data and audio with the span/mirror port.

  • Record VoIP
  • Cisco and Span/Mirror Port Configuration Available
  • Virtual Machine Compatibility

Call Recording Software Reseller Program

Call recording software Value Added Reseller program for Versadial Solution. For more information please see our VAR page on how to tap into the call recording industry. If you are a telecom or IT professional, you could add additional revenue to your business and start offering your customers more value.

  • Versadial Value Added Reseller Program
  • Earn additional revenue
  • Offer Call Recording