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Appointments – Installation/Upgrades

Support cases involving initial installation or system upgrades are done by appointment. Please contact us to schedule your appointment. Appointments not confirmed by our support department will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

Please Note: We request you provide a 48 hour (not including weekends) advanced notice for the appointment. An active maintenance plan is required to access our support desk and any upgrades or expansions. If you do not have an active maintenance plan, please contact your sales account representative.

If you need a support specialist to gain access to your computer running the Versadial software please download the remote application and call the number to the right to begin the support session.

For all other support inquiries
please call or email. 

Please note: Unless you are reporting an outage or system failure, support calls are scheduled and taken as first-come-first-serve:

  • U.S. toll free: 1-877-723-4252
    Fax: 1-949-457-0465
    International calls: + (949) 457-0650
  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri (Pacific)
    9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Thur/Fri (Eastern*)
    * MUST BE SCHEDULED 24 HOURS in advance to accommodate these hours.


Versadial’s goal is to efficiently maintain end-user expectations when it comes to software and hardware maintenance of their Versadial call recording system. We provide the opportunity, not the right, to offer the software maintenance plan to the end-user. No compensation or redress will be provided if the end-user using any Versadial product directly purchases support from us. To reduce the risk of this occurring, Versadial recommends the following:

  • The reseller should not allow the Maintenance Plan to expire  (Reseller should place order renewal before the expiration)
  • If maintenance is allowed to expire, we do not delay customer request for service and allow the end-user to purchase maintenance renewal direct without any delays.
  • Maintenance renewal policy is public and not concealed from the end-user.


A Versadial technician can only access your system when the customer is at the system. The connection is a web-based secured connection and the customer can see all of the technician’s actions. Once finished, the Versadial technician will disconnect session from the customer’s system.

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Customer/Reseller Access

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