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Versadial Solutions Releases 4.7.3 Call Recording – visual audio wave, direct recorder access, Avaya and Panasonic signal capture

Versadial Solutions Releases Version 4.7.3 of their call recording solution.  What comes with 4.7.3? Audio waveform graph in the player - Visually see active and quiet audio waves during playback Avaya H.323 signaling capture and decoding Panasonic MGCP signaling capture Direct access to VSLogger recorder user interface Sort active calls to the top of live…
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What Is Call Recording Software?

The following info should provide a general basic understanding of call recording. Recording business lines is not a trivial matter, and a good understanding of your phone system, business environment, and goals plays a role into how the recorder is connected to your phones and utilized. What Is Call Recording Software? Call recording software is…
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Versadial Solutions call recording software now fully compatible with ShoreTel VoIP phone solutions. The new feature adds ShoreTel MGCP signal capturing to VSLogger version 4.7.1. 

Irvine, California, September 23rd, 2016 - Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has added ShoreTel MGCP signal capturing. The addition of ShoreTel MGCP allows VSLogger to capture ShoreTel VoIP call details without SMDR or CTI integration. This added capability makes Versadial’s software 100% ShoreTel VoIP compatible and greatly reduces the time required…
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