Stock Trader, Brokers, and Trade Floor Call Recording

Stock Trader, Brokers, And Trade Floor
Call Recording

A Cost Effective Compliance Tool

Stock Brokers and Traders may be required to record and retain transactions that are made over the phone. Many federal laws require such recordings to remain intact for a certain period of time. By utilizing our on-demand or recording confirmation feature, traders are able to not only record and archive the transaction, they can also provide a verification number associated with the transaction. Allowing both parties to have proof of the transaction and agreement.

  • Third Party Verification Recording Available
  • Reduce Your Liability and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Auto Archive Recordings for Virtually Unlimited Storage
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data
  • Time-Stamped Recordings
  • Automatic Recording of All Inbound and/or Outbound Calls

Additionally, stock traders and brokers can instantly replay conversations to verify volume or pricing that was discussed over the phone. Our interface allows traders to instantly pull up the calls of the day, or calls within the hour.

Stock Trade Verification Recording

With regulation and constant liability inherent to traders, a call recording solution insures compliance. Granular permissions, auto-recording, and on-demand confirmation recording provides a robust solution for your active traders.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording Solution page. 

Adhere To Regulatory Compliance

Recorded calls are sometimes necessary to adhere to regulatory compliance. Our systems can be installed and setup to record all incoming and outgoing calls. If internal call recording (extension to extension) is also necessary, we can easily integrate our system to cover these voice recordings.

Brokers And Traders

To verify a trade from a customer, a broker may connect to the recorder while the customer is on the phone. Once connected, they get a verbal verification of the trade. The customer and the broker can end the recording and have the Verification number played back to them before the call ends. 

Learn More

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording page. 

Optionally: Visit our online documentation page to learn more about configuring and setting up Verification Recording