Speech Analytics for your Recorded Calls

Speech Analytics For Your Recorded Calls

Now that you have your calls recorded, listening to them individually can be time-consuming! Take the guessing game out of monitoring calls. Have them systematically reviewed using speech analytics. Speech analytics uses search algorithms that analyze thousands of minutes of audio, searching for specific phrases to categorize and flag before notifying a human to efficiently review.

How it works:

Versadial’s call recorder, VSLogger, now allows audio to be uploaded to speech analytics engines. We are compatible with multiple third-party providers.  (Additional third-party Speech Recognition services to be announced!)

Where Versadial comes in:

  • We’re able to upload your voice recordings to a speech analytics service of your choice (see below)
  • Display transcription within your Playback interface
  • Automate scheduled actions (EX: automatically flag a call that uses the word “discount,” then e-mail it to a supervisor)

Our Speech Analytics ability includes:

  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Search-by-word or phrase from audio recording
  • Flag, bookmark, or e-mail calls containing YOUR custom criteria: (EX:  flag, bookmark, or e-mail calls that contain “credit card”
  • Automatically erase personally identifiable information (credit card information format to maintain PCI compliance)

How do I get started?

All you need are two things.

1. Versadial’s Analytics Capability License (this allows us to enable VSLogger to work with your speech analytics solution on the back-end)

2. Speech Analytics Subscription of your choice (We’re currently integrated with Google and YacTraq, but pick any service you want, and contact us to confirm compatibility!) (Note: More than one provider can be configured/supported at the same time, see below screen capture)

Coming soon:

  • Voice recognition software: auto-identify the speaker

Our Current Speech Analytics Partners:

Yactraq Speech Analytics helps businesses to understand the Voice of the Customer (VoC).  Improved call center agent training results in increased sales and customer retention.  

Yactraq’s compelling value & cost-effectiveness fits any size business or budget. Some custom features provided by YacTraq:

  • Predictive Machine Learning
  • Real-Time Agent Support
  • Heatmap of Frequent Issues
  • Analyze Customer Sentiment
  • Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Vancouver, BC based Yactraq offers speech analytics software that helps its clients grow sales & build customer loyalty. Yactraq offers advanced features like real-time, predictive machine learning (PML) & 360 emotion analysis. A Gartner Cool Vendor in Core AI with well over a dozen Gartner mentions Yactraq’s software includes various other features like e-Discovery, comprehensive security and privacy, omnichannel capability and self-configurable key phrase spotting.

Yactraq’s predictive machine learning capabilities enhance the productivity of sales teams by using AI to detect likely sales prospects. On the customer service side, Yactraq PML augments customer feedback forms by analyzing 100% of customer interactions to predict CSAT, NPS and Churn Metrics. 360 emotion integrates the signals from words and their consequent meaning with tone based emotions like satisfaction vs passive aggression etc to generate patterns that even consumers may not be entirely conscious of. Real-time heat maps and agent assist bots help call agents to course correct on the spot. Yactraq’s security capabilities go beyond auto-redacting call transcripts by also auto-muting sensitive audio data.

Spending a fortune on branding does not matter if you are unable to live up to that image when a customer finally interacts with your business. And checking only one in a hundred calls is like a teacher who is able to evaluate only one of every hundred assignments a student submits – it does not work. In the past, only Fortune 100 CIO’s had the means to deliver at this level. Today Yactraq’s cost-effective capabilities allow any SMB or Partner to benefit from speech analytics.

Yactraq Use Cases and User Stories

For more information contact Yactraq


Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text enables developers to convert audio to text by applying powerful neural network models in a simple API. Google’s API recognizes 120 languages.

  • Powered by machine learning
  • Recognizes over 120 languages
  • Inappropriate content filtering
  • Automatic speech recognition

Estimated Fees:

See Google’s usage-based pricing here: 

No Additional Hardware. Just Your Recorder

All you need: a Capability License from us. Once you are recording, we will assist you with enabling and uploading your calls.

Affordable Solution

Pay-as-you-go consumption models. Find a speech service that is tailored to your needs. As long as we can integrate with your chosen provider, we’ll get your recordings transcribed!