Speech Analytics for your Recorded Calls

Speech Analytics For Your Recorded Calls

Speech AnalyticsNow that you have all of your calls being recorded, this data can become a potential gold mine! . . . but how do you sort through all these calls? Which recordings need to be reviewed and discussed? Or what else can all these calls do to guide me in my decision making?

Take the guessing game out of picking the right calls to analyze and have your calls systematically reviewed using speech analytics.

Speech analytics uses proprietary search algorithms that analyze thousands of audio minutes at a time looking for specific phrases to properly categorize, track, or flag for review.

Stop Hunting And Guessing:

  • Speech analytics pulls the gold out of the massive amount of data you have (your recordings)
  • Easily monitor agent compliance, gain customer insight and actionable data
  • Improve customer service and truly analyze the voice of the customer
  • Detect customer dissatisfaction within your recorded calls
  • No additional hardware required to analyze your recordings
  • Cloud-based speech analytics – a truly low-cost alternative to more expensive solutions that require massive onsite processing power

How Does It Work:

We have partnered with cloud-based speech analytic’s companies. Each speech analytics company approaches audio data in their own specific way and we encourage you to reach out to our partners and see who fits your specific needs. Each speech analytics vendor is independent of Versadial and any contract(s) or disputes are solely between you and the speech analytics vendor. Once signed up, we will enable our speech analytics upload feature (available on our latest version), and your calls will automatically upload to your selected cloud-based speech analytics service to be analyzed.

Alternatively, if you have your own speech analytics company, let us know. We have in-house developers that can work with third-party developers to get your recordings properly in their system to be processed.

Our Selected Speech Analytics Partners:

Artificial Intelligence Platform to Improve Your Sales and Service. Drive sales and service performance by analyzing every customer interaction.

StataPile is an artificial intelligence platform that integrates with your phone system to drive sales and service performance by analyzing every customer-agent interaction. Every call is recorded then analyzed by StataPile to determine the type of call and if agents follow procedure. Information is pushed out automatically to ensure you are resolving issues and closing deals.

  • Train and Monitor Agents without Bias
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • View Opportunities in Real-Time
  • Track Conversion and Resolution Rates
  • Receive Custom Alerts
  • Follow Legal and Ethical Regulations
  • A/B Test
  • Redact Sensitive Information

The cutting edge in speech analytics and audio mining, Yactraq empowers Call Centers to take full control of their business with machine learning driven insights extracted from any call recording.

By utilizing our advanced technology to generate customized speech vocabularies that are configurable to a client’s specific business and needs, Yactraq provides a suite of call operations solutions that offer a high ROI, have big data applications, and can shine a comprehensive light on highly valuable dark data

  • Agent performance evaluation
  • Call operations management
  • Compliance
  • Gartner 2016 cool vendor

* Do not see a speech analytics company that you are currently working with? Contact us to see if we can integrate with their solution. 

Cloud-Based Speech Analytics

Recordings are uploaded to a secure cloud network. This cloud environment leverages multiple servers to quickly analyze and process your recordings. 

No Additional Hardware. Just Your Recorder

No need to purchase additional hardware. Your Versadial Call Recorder is tightly integrated with our speech analytics partners. Once you are recording, we will assist you with enabling and uploading your calls.

Low-Cost Solution

By leveraging the cloud, you do not need to invest into multiple servers in-house to process the same amount of data. This low-cost alternative gives you the same benefits as traditional speech analytical solutions, without the headache of managing multiple servers or the expense of maintaining them.  

Step By Step Training

Speech analytics is a constant and evolving technology. The ability to process multiple phrases and handle a variety of accents can be fairly complicated. Our partners will ensure you receive the benefits associated with speech analytics by guiding you and assisting you with optimizing your phrases and criteria.