Screen Capture - Desktop Recording for Workflow Improvement

Screen Capture
Desktop Recording For Workflow Improvement

Note: Screen Capture is an additional license. Single license records up to two screens per station. 

What if you could capture your employee’s screen activity the moment they pick up the phone? Or when they start to engage in a chat message? Too often, these interactions with customers are not recorded, and no one knows if the policies and structures in place are efficient and whether your customers are receiving the quality service they deserve.

With Versadial’s screen capture technology, your call center agent’s PC screen can be seamlessly recorded, with no visible reduction of the agents PC performance**.  When these activities are recorded, managers are given the ability to review the agents overall interaction with the customer, and pinpoint areas in the process that need improvement.

Screen Capture: Is a capability of recording PC monitors content, as a video file or as a snapshot image.

Versadial Screen Capture Commonly Used For:

  • Automatic or manual screen recording of employee’s desktop to monitor user activities
  • Analyzing recorded data to increase business productivity
  • Verifying that employees are following company PC usage policy

Recording your agent’s desktop, triggered with a phone call, chat session, or data entry, allows you to improve performance by catching common road blocks or mistyped information. Train and inform your agents if you start to notice confusion or inefficient techniques when using internal software.


One VSLogger screen capture channel license is needed to enable screen capture on a single DeskTop assistant instance. Please note, if two monitors are recorded, only one screen capture license used.

PC Screen Capture:

  • Screen Capture can be triggered when the agent answers their phone
  • Screen recordings can be blacked out when private customer information is captured to comply with PCI and HIPAA policies*.
  • When recording begins, PC performance is not affected**
  • Record up to two PC monitors at the same time
  • Zoom in or out of the captured screen
  • Synchronize audio and video playback for a better overall agent and customer engagement evaluation

Working with our call recording solution, adding screen capture allows you to gain a greater insight into your agents interactions and established processes.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our Adutante Call Recording Solution page.

How Does It Work:

Desktop Assistant module installed on Call Center Agent’s workstation and configured to record content of the workstation screens (PC monitors) and send recordings to VSLogger for final video encoding and storage. Screen capture can be initiated manually or can be started automatically and synchronously with a recorded telephone device.

If screen capture video recorded synchronously with recorded telephone device, it will contain both screen content and call audio.

If Screen capture video recorded by manual activation, it will contain only screen content, but no audio.

Snapshots (still image) of an agent’s PC screen are also available via the VSLogger interface (Live Monitoring Tab), allowing the manager to get a quick peek at the agents current activity.

Quality Control

Use our built in quality control module to improve performance. Utilize the built-in QC reporting feature to monitor progress over time and assist with training your agents to perform to their maximum potential. 

Manual Desktop Recording

Capture up to two monitors at once. Multiple triggers are available to begin recording your agent’s screen. From the managers interface, you can see who is currently being recorded and you have the ability to trigger the recorder by simply clicking the record button through the browser UI .

Improve Efficiency

Imagine implementing a new CRM system and noticing your current business process requires employees to click on 3 different windows. What if you made a few slight changes to your process, eliminating those wasted 3 clicks? Although a few seconds are saved, multiply that by the number of times a typical employee would save per day, multiply that by the number of days in a year and number of employees within the company. Those few seconds now become days and the business productivity and efficiency increases exponentially.

Agent Training

Utilizing call recording and screen recording, managers can synchronize playback and provide a better overall picture of the agent and customer experience. Providing an insight into the current workflow and process to assist in improving overall business performance and employee training.

* Can be blanked out during live call. Post editing screen recording currently not available. 
** PC must meet minimum PC requirements.