"Versadial SBWin Logger" is a single-channel audio logger/recorder designed to run on a Windows PC. Using a 3rd party adapter you will be able to record audio data from the default audio input on your PC's audio card.

Recordings can be started manually by user or automatically by voice/audio activation (VOX).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is illegal in some states to record a conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation, including the phone company. Check the laws in your area before using SBWin Logger.



NOTE: During installation you will be prompted to specify how you will like SBWin user settings to be handled:
  • "User" mode: Every User on the PC can have their own settings. Each user has access to modify and change their preferred recording settings and compression.
  • "All Users" mode: Same settings are shared with all user profiles. If a setting is changed, all users will see change when they log into the windows PC. Only users with administrative permissions (permission to edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE part of registry) can modify and change the recording settings within SBWin

Installation normally requires to be logged in as a user with Administrative privileges.

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Start "Add or Remove Programs" (Windows XP and below) or "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista and above)
    3. Locate "Versadial SBWin" or "SbWin" (depends on the installed version)
    4. Uninstall

Trial Mode

By default, the application starts in Trial mode, which allows you to start 30 times before a license key is required.

NOTE: In trial mode, the application terminates after 1 hr.

Every time you try to start SBWin (even if it is already running) counts as start.

License Registration

  1. Purchase license at:(
  2. Start SBWin Logger. "Unregistered Copy" dialog will pop up:

  3. If it did not. Open Menu -> Help -> Register

  4. Type or Paste your license into "Key" field and click "REGISTER"
  5. You should see "Done" message.
    • If for some reason communication to license server can not be established, you will see manual activation Dialog:

      To process the the manual activation, you will need to:

NOTE: For faster processing, please do not forget to include copy of "Activation string" into email.

Add "Activation Key" from email reply to "Activation Key" field and click Ok.
You should see "Done" message.

  • Click Ok. Your registration is complete.
  • Telephone Connection with 3rd Party Adapter

    There are two ways to tap your phone line:

    1. Through the phones headset:

      These type of connectors are available for purchase from Versadial Solutions and other electronic stores, such as Radio Shack.
      For correct wiring please refer to manufacturers manual.

    2. Through the parallel line:

      There are connectors available from some vendors which allow recording directly from analog telephone line.
      For correct wiring please refer to manufacturers manuals.

    With both scenarios, the adapter will be connected to your PC Sound Card.
    Depending on the connector manufacturer you would use "Mic" or "Line in" input.
    In order for SbWin Logger to record audio from your phone line, the input you have the adapter plugged into must be set as default recording input on your Operating System:


    Logger Setup

    1. Start SbWin Logger and open "Setup"

    2. Specify destination folder ("C:\TEMP\" by default).
    3. Choose compression format:
      • MLAW - 2:1 Best quality sound and largest file size, 40 MB/hour.
      • ADPCM - 4:1 Better quality sound and average file size, 20 MB/hour.
      • GSM - 10:1 Good quality sound and smallest file size, 8 MB/hour.
    4. Specify how SBWin will record your conversation (Automatic/Manual):
      • Automatically record all audio activity - Set for audio/voice-activated recording.
        Recording starts when audio exceeds threshold level within number of seconds of Min Activity.
        If you choose this option, you will also need to adjust:
        1. Threshold - audio level that differentiates audio activity from silence
        2. Min Activity - how many seconds should be contentiously active, to trigger recording starts
        3. Max Silence - how many seconds should be contentiously not active, to trigger recording stop
      • I shall start recording manually - User will manually start/stop recording.

    5. Switch to "Interface" Tab
    6. Select recording format:
      • SBWin Format - Proprietary format. (Not sensitive to abnormal termination. Includes audio integrity CRC.)
      • SBWin and copy as WAVE - Duplicated recording to both SBWin proprietary and wave formats. (Because duplicate recordings will be made - your PC's data storage requirements will be doubled.)
      • WAVE only - Standard wave audio format.

    Manual Recording

    You might want to use Manual Mode in these cases:

    1. If you want to record only a limited amount of the conversation.
    2. If you use external interface to trigger start/stop recording on SbWin Logger

    When application starts in manual mode "Record/Stop" recording button is enabled.

    Alternatively, by double clicking the Channel Icon you may also "start/stop" call recording.

    Voice Activated Recording

    Use Voice Activated Mode for cases which require automated recording.

    How Does it Work: SBWin monitors the audio levels of the input channel on your sound card.

    When the audio levels exceed both the "Min. Threshold" and "Min. Activity" that was set previously, SBWin will begin recording.

    When the audio levels are below both the "Min. Threshold" and "Max. Silence" the recording will automatically stop.

    When application starts in Voice Activated (Automatic) mode "Record/Stop" recording button is disabled.

    NOTE: Double click on Channel Icon activates "Recall" button functionality

    Fast Recall

    For your convenience, SBWin keeps the last minute of audio for easy access and playback.
    It can be accessed by clicking on the "Recall" button.

    After listening you can save it as separate recording.

    And access it later through the regular playback interface.

    NOTE: By default, when "Recall" is clicked, SBWin will play back the last minute of audio. If there was no call within the last minute, the audio played will be silence.

    To change this setting, select "Only activity at Fast Recall" in settings window. When this box is checked, "Recall" will only play back the last minute of audio that was above the "Threshold" setting.

    Wave audio format

    Wave format is a standard audio format and can be played with a variety of audio applications.

    SbWin Logger provides two ways to convert your audio files to wave format.

    1. Record in wave format.
      • Main disadvantage of this approach is that wave format has limitations compared to the SBWin proprietary format.
        IF an abnormal termination occurs, the wave file may become corrupt.
        It does not have any audio integrity protection. If the recording is tampered with, no notification will be displayed.
      • To enable it wave format: Go to start "Setup" -> "Interface" tab and select "SBWin and copy to WAVE" or "WAVE only" option.
    2. You can convert your audio files from SBWin proprietary format to Wave format post recording.
      • Start player
      • Select recordings that require conversion
      • Click "Convert to wave" button on a toolbar

      • Select destination folder
      • Select files from the list
      • Click on "To Wave" or "To Wave Uncompressed" button

    Audio Beep

    This feature can play through regular audio output interface:

    NOTE: Setting Beep to be played through the telephone requires a special adaptor.
    The adapter will need to have the ability to forward the PC audio output to the phone line.

    "Beep" might also be useful for notifying about voice activated Recording.

    1. Open SbWin Logger "Setup"
    2. Switch to "Advanced Mode" and select "Beep" tab


    Start Player by clicking on Menu -> Playback...

    To filter between wave and proprietary format, select the appropriate icons on the toolbar

    To search through recordings

    To play recording in proprietary format

    Playing WAVE format: The default player that is set within your Windows operating system will open and begin playing the audio file.


    Currently integration includes only Adutante cloud upload

    In order to enable it:


    1. No audio in Recall Buffer

      Message appears

      when "Only activity at Fast Recall.." option is enabled, but no Audio activity was detected since last Setup change or Application start.

    2. Recording has humming or loud noise.

      This means you are using adapter that is not compatible with your computer surroundings.

      Adapter is not blocking out the noise within your surroundings. You will to need get a better adapter.

    3. Recording file plays back no sound.

      Check your adapter connection, make sure adapter is connected to microphone or line-in jack. Make sure you have soundcard that can playback wave files. Enable Microphone or Line-in jack recording within your soundcard settings.

    For Programmers (API)

    SBWin logger installation includes console program startsbl.exe
    This program can be used for external control over recording.

    startsbl.exe -cstart
    starts recording

    startsbl.exe -cstop
    stops recording (file name is auto generated and file is in SBWin format)

    startsbl.exe -cstop -w<integer number from 1 to 32000>
    stops recording and saves it as wave file (1.wav to 3200.wav)

    Example :
    startsbl.exe -cstart
    startsbl.exe -cstop -w22

    This command sequence saves recording as 22.wav

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