Reduce Business Liability

Reduce Business Liability

For every business, there is a liability risk. A customer dispute, a claim of misinformation, or a failure to adhere to specific regulations. All of these scenarios can be mitigated and in some instances completely avoided with a quality recording system.

With a call recording system in place, you are able to create an electronic paper trail of your daily operations and interactions. These trails are proof that certain protocols are followed and proper information is conveyed.

  • Record and Capture PC and Phone Activity 24/7
  • Powerful Search Filters to Quickly Locate Calls
  • Live Monitoring Capabilities
  • Capture and Record All Conversations
  • Bookmark and Extract Portion of a Call
  • Auto Archive Calls to external drives, providing virtually unlimited Data Storage

By monitoring and recording all inbound and outbound calls, businesses can reduce their liability by staying ahead of any potential conflicts. With a quality control system built in, managers can identify problem areas or problem employees.

Most call recordings can be used in a court of law if required. No longer does it become a “he said, she said” scenario. Proof of all information exchanged via the phone is easily accessible with our powerful search features. Providing you a tool that protects your company 24/7.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording Solution page. 

Quality Control

Running quality control tests help you improve your overall process and spot potential pitfalls with customer interactions, or monitor employees who do not abide by company regulations.

Reduce Liability

Recorded phone calls can sometimes be used in a court of law to address any dispute brought up by a client. Recorded calls have a built-in checksum, reducing the risk of fraudulent calls and providing instant credibility. Most disputes can be resolved before they even make it to court. Emailing and providing a clear and understandable call recording can quickly eliminate most issues.

Bookmark Recordings

Bookmark and extract important calls or calls that may lead to a dispute. Extract portions of a call and email them directly to the disputing party, providing instant access to the actual conversation to helping to reduce or eliminate the dispute.

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