Record Radio - Analog or RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol)

Record Radio – Analog Or RoIP
(Radio Over Internet Protocol)

Versadial’s call recording solution is capable of recording Analog Radio or RoIP (Radio over IP) lines. 

Analog audio outputs of the dispatcher consoles or Radio adapters. Versadial is connected to the analog output of the base station or radio adapter.  Proper software configuration and an analog card are required in the recording server. (see diagrams below)

RoIP (Radio over IP) streams from the dispatcher consoles or Radio adapters.  Versadial Radio over IP recording (IPCAST) channels can be configured for active recording. With this configuration, Versadial software records from the devices which can stream digital audio(e.g. RTP)  direct to the recorder or to Multicast Address. Also, similar to VoIP, the recorder can capture data via a SPAN/MIRROR port on a switch.  (see diagrams below)

We are successfully recording the following devices:

  • Telex IP-223 and Telex IP-224 Radio Adapters: IP Unicast or IP multicast options
  • BARIX INSTREAMER: Analog audio to RoIP Unicast converter
  • Cisco IPICS Server: Radio outputs as IP multicast

Attention: If your RoIP device is not listed, please contact us today for testing and configuration. Many other RoIP devices which provide similar access to communication via IP unicast or IP multicast streams are compatible and can be tested with Versadial VSLogger upon request.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at Supporting Documents page.

Versadial Recording solution benefits:


  • Record Phone and Radio Lines on One Server
  • In-Depth Incident Recreation 
  • Granular User Permissions
  • Incident Re-creation: Mixed playback and timeline view to visually recreate radio and dispatch communications
  • License Based On Number Of Channel Being Recorded
  • Unlimited User Access to Recordings
  • We Support a Variety of PBX Manufacturers 
  • Auto Archive Recordings to External Drives, Providing Virtually Unlimited Data Storage

Training Tool

Monitor your operators and grade their performance while on the call. Are they helping the person in distress, are coordinates and addresses relayed properly to dispatch? Increasing your operators’ performance and confidence will lead to more efficient service and better response time within your local community.

Auto Archiving

Archive your data to maintain extended records for any issues that may arise. Our auto-archiving feature allows you to store and backup an unlimited amount of data. Our systems are capable of storing up to 148,000 hours directly on the server, allowing you to access recordings from a few years back instantly.

Record All Communication

Versadial’s recorders can be implemented in a variety of systems. Providing a complete solution for recording phone and radio channels. Designed to fit into all major PBX manufacturers and record on a variety of line types, your entire business communication network can be recorded and monitored.