Record Radio - Analog or RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol)

Record Dispatch Radio – Analog Or RoIP
(Radio Over Internet Protocol)

There are several generic configurations to record Radio Dispatch with Versadial voice logging software:

Option 1: Recording from the analog audio outputs of the radio stations or radio adapters – See scenario 7 – Radio recording from the analog outputs.

Versadial is connected to the analog output of the base station or radio adapter. Proper software configuration and an analog recording card are required in the recording server. (see diagrams below). Recording board accepts 2-wire analog audio line/connection (e.g. analog Speaker or audio output line may special adapter to convert it to 2-wire analog audio line).

Option 2: Convert recorded analog audio outputs to ROIP (RTP stream) and send to Versadial recorder via network

Devices like BARIX INSTREAMER can be used to convert the audio to RTP/(Radio Over IP) stream which is sent to Versadial recorder.

Versadial recorder is connected to the network, IPCAST channels configured to receive recorded streams. No analog card is required in the recording server. (see diagram below)

Option3. Recording RTP/RoIP (Radio over IP) streams generated by supported radio dispatch devices (consoles or adapters) – See scenario 8 – Radio recording via RoIP

Versadial software can record from any device which can stream digital audio (usually RTP format) directly to the recorder IP address or to the recorder accessible multicast address


Our customers  are successfully recording the following devices:

  • Telex IP-223 and Telex IP-224 Radio Adapters: IP Unicast or IP multicast options. For example, Telex IP-224 supports radios from many manufacturers (Kenwood Radios: x80 Series x90 Series x150 Seriesx180 Series 5 x 10 P25 SeriesNEXEDGE, Motorola, iCOM Radios, iDEN, Sprint Direct connect, Sepura Radios─SRM2000 TETRA and more.)
  • BARIX INSTREAMER: Analog audio to RoIP Unicast converter. Allows passing of audio from an analog output in a remote location to the centralized recorder as RoIP Unicast.
  • Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) Server: Radio channels recorded from  IP multicast addresses
  • AVtec Scout Console: Radio channels recorded from  IP unicast or IP multicast addresses.
  • JPS Interoperability Solutions: NXU2A and A Z2 controller can send RTP stream to recorders. Successfully tested with Versadial software

Option4. Recording from SIPREC supporting radio dispatch devices (consoles, adapters or gateways) – See scenario 17 – SIPREC recording

Versadial software can record from any device which can stream digital audio according to SIPREC protocol

SIPREC recording with Versadial Solutions

Our customers are successfully recording the following devices:

Zetron Radio Gateway, ZETRON MAX DISPATCH, Zetron Voice Logging Gateway(s), Zetron MAX Voice Logger Gateway.

Attention: Many other RoIP devices which provide similar access to communication via IP unicast, IP multicast streams or SIPREC are compatible and can be tested with Versadial VSLogger upon request. If your device supports RTP/RoIP/SIPREC steaming and is not listed above, please contact us today at or (949) 457-0650 schedule testing and custom configuration.

Note: Radio system configuration on the customer side is a “black box” to the Versadial team. To issue a recommendation or quotation all we need to know is the type of recorded inputs to be configured on the recorder. Based on the 4 options described above, Versadial software can be used to record emergency radio lines, dispatch radio lines, police, ambulance, or other security or emergency radio lines.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our Supporting Documents page.

Additional Online Documentation For RoIP Can Be Found Here: