Pricing Catalog - Versadial Call Recording

Versadial Solutions • 9940 Irvine Center Dr Irvince, CA 92618 • Phone: 949-457-0650 Email: • ver. 1.1 Page 8 Software Maintenance Plan The Software Maintenance Plan includes unlimited software upgrades and access to the support desk for one year. One year Software Maintenance Plan is included with initial purchase. After the one year of ownership is over, an optional software maintenance plan renewal may be purchased. Software Maintenance Plan pricing is based on the number of channels being recorded and if the renewal purchase is a continuation or a reinstatement. If purchasing the VSLogger license(s) under the yearly Subscription model, the Software Maintenance Plan is automatically renewed with the Subcription fee. Disclaimer : The recorder will continue to work without an active Software Maintenance Plan. The ability to purchase a single support case is not available. Support or access to software upgrades will not be available to end-users without an active Software Maintenance Plan. Maintenance plan covers software configuration, upgrades, and support access only. Any hardware changes, additional phones lines, or phone system changes may require different hardware and extra costs (additional recording cards, software licenses, etc). Advantages – Continuous Software Maintenance Plan:  1 year of free software upgrades  Access to support desk with unlimited support cases  Discounts for expansion  Low-cost Software Maintenance Plan renewal  Lower cost for license key replacement Disadvantages of Letting Software Maintenance Plan Expire:  No support is available without active Software Maintenance Plan  No software upgrades are available  If you choose to reinstate your Software Maintenance Plan after interruption, your reinstatement rate will be significantly higher or you'll be required to purchase an upgrade  Replacement of lost license key is not available  System expansion is more expensive, if needed, it would require plan reinstatement . Item Description PRICE (USD) MAINT 1 Year Maintenance Plan Renewal, unlimited access to support desk and upgrades for one year. Starting at $400. Cost Based on the total number of recorded channels. MAINT- REINST 1 Year Maintenance Plan Reinstatement after interruption (with 2 month Grace period). Unlimited access to support desk and upgrades for one year. Starting at $500. Cost Based on the total number of recorded channels.