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Call Recording Solutions 2 Versadial Sales Partner Program Versadial Solutions 9940 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 +1-949-457-0650 Ver. 2.0, 2018.09.26 Our Growing Industry The Versadial Advantage V ersadial has been developing and distributing call recording software since 1998. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, easy to use, custom solutions for each unique phone environment. Our celebrated call recording solution will improve a business’s relationship with their customers, decrease liability, maintain com- pliance, and protect the overall organization. The investment into a call recording system is minimal compared to the savings that result from increased productivity and customer satisfaction. VSLogger Core Competencies: • Extensive compatibility with various phone systems, from local to cloud-hosted • Speech Analytics: speech-to-text transcriptions (in numerous languages), as well as the ability to search calls by words and phrases • Live Monitoring: supervisors can monitor calls using multi-tiered permission levels • Built-in Quality Control evaluations and reports • Reporting: custom graphs, charts, and reports that can be automatically e-mailed • Third-party verification recording • Screen Capture: dual-monitor capability C all recording is a growing industry. No matter the vertical, we believe any business will benefit from utilizing a call recording solution. Current and future growth of our industry is driven by: • Compliance: Government laws, such as the Dodd-Frank Act and Consumer Protection Act, have placed regula- tions and requirements on many financial institutions. Our call recorder helps you stay compliant for archiving all recordings. • Quality Control and Customer Service: With our Search and Playback module, managers can use their favor- ite recorded calls as examples to teach their team best practices and avoid miscommunications before they ever even occur. Our built-in Quality Control Module allows managers to live-monitor their agents and attach custom evaluations to each call. • Liability: Too many times businesses have been on the receiving end of a frivolous lawsuit that could have been avoided with a call recording system. No more he-said, she-said situations. With a recorder, there is iron-clad proof of all correspondence!