Security and Public Safety - VSLogger Call Recording Solutions

8 Versadial Solutions 9940 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 949-457-0650 Mixed Playback - Incident Recreation and Timeline View Mixed playback allows easy re-creation of incidents as they happen in real-time. Select from multiple channels, dispatchers, radio lines, etc, and within the player select Mixed Playback. The channels are pieces together and then played back in real time. Using this data, investigators and personnel are able to visually, as well as audibly listen for any issues with internal processes, or to provide accurate evidence of the event. Timeline View is a new graphi- cal view that provides a visual representation of call activity. You can see agent activity and call volume during peak times in a timeline format. Green represents an audio file, blue represents a video file, and red is the selected recording actively playing.