Security and Public Safety - VSLogger Call Recording Solutions

7 Versadial Solutions 9940 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 949-457-0650 Search and Playback Search by a variety of parameters to narrow down to specific calls. Audio and Video files are loaded and played directing in the software. No need to open a new window or download to your desktop. Our player has standard controls plus additional features to enhance the user experience. Mixed playback, playback speed adjustment, bookmarks, notes, download as wav, and more. Archiving Data and audio files can be set up to automatically archive, allowing the recording to store an unlimited amount of calls in accordance with proper storage procedures. Evidence (CRC) With built in checksum, calls can be played back and verified that they are original. If any modifica- tions have occurred to the audio, the software will automatically notify you during playback. Encryption Calls and data are stored with a multi-layer algorithm encryption. Providing you with security of all data and ensuring compliance. With SSL enabled, all data may be transmitted with strict security and encryption permissions.