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10 Versadial Solutions 9940 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 949-457-0650 Radio - Analog and RoIP Record Phone and Radio Lines on One Server Analog Radio Versadial connects to the analog port of the base station. Proper software configuration and an analog card is required in the recording server. RoIP Radio Similar to VoIP, the recorder can capture data via a SPAN/MIR- ROR port on a switch that the ra- dio and gateway are connected to. Alternatively, our Radio over IP recording (IPCAST) can be configured as active recording. With this configuration we record from devices which are stream- ing RTP to our recorder or to Multicast Address. We are successfully recording the following devices: • Telex IP-224 Radio Adapter: IP Unicast or IP multicast options • BARIX INSTREAMER: Ana- log audio to RoIP Unicast converter • Cisco IPICS server: Radio outputs as IP multicast Attention: If your RoIP device is not listed, please contact us today for testing and configuration. Many other RoIP de- vices which provide similar access to communication via IP unicast or IP multicast streams are compatible and can be tested with Versadial VSLogger upon request.