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11 Versadial Solutions 9940 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 949-457-0650 01.11.19 version 1.3 PC Screen Capture Screen Capture: Is the capability of recording your employees PC monitor content, as a video file or as a snapshot image. Versadial Screen Capture Is Commonly Used For: • Automatic or manual screen recording of employee’s desktop to monitor user activities • Analyzing recorded data to increase business productivity • Verifying that employees are following company PC usage policy How It Works: Desktop Assistant module is installed on the Call Center Agent’s workstation and configured to record content of the workstation screens (PC monitors) and send recordings to VSLogger for final video encoding and storage. Process of screen capture can be initiated manually, or can be started automatically and synchronously with recorded tele- phone device. If screen capture video recorded synchronously with recorded telephone device, it will contain both screen content and call audio during playback. If screen capture video recorded by manual activation, it will contain screen content, but no audio. Snapshots (still image) of an agent’s PC screen is also available via the VSLogger interface (Live Monitoring Tab), allowing the manager to get a quick peek at the agents current activity. Licensing: One VSLogger screen capture channel license is needed to enable screen capture on a single DeskTop Assistant in- stance. Please note, that even if two monitors are recorded, only one screen capture license is used. Agent PC Minimum Requirements for Screen Capture OS: Windows 7 or greater Server PC Minimum Requirements for Screen Capture Memory: 8GB DDR RAM OS: Windows 7 Hard Drive: 1 minute of screen capture is 2 MB (average) PCI Slots: Not Required, PC recording is software only CPU: Quad Core