Phone Recording Software Kit

Build your own call recording server

Phone Recording SoftwareIdea For: Resellers and for technically savvy end users, we offer a Call Recording Kit option. The Recorder Kit solution has the same functionality and features as our Turn-Key solution. The major difference is the Kit solution requires the end-user to provide a PC server, while the Turn-Key solution includes a fully tested and compatible PC server by Versadial. Additionally, we recommend Recording Kit users to take into account the amount of effort, possible compatibility/integration issues, and potential costs of building the recorder on their own. 

Record from 4 to 256 analog, digital, T1, E1, ISDN ( PRI or BRI), VoIP or radio lines per node.

Versadial was one of the first to offer call recorder kit solutions. Recorder kits include our VSLogger Unlimited Server software package with optional voice recording boards.

A variety of options, flexibility, and expandability:

  • Select the necessary call recorder kit suitable for your telecom infrastructure
  • Our solution has non-proprietary components.  With hardware from several manufacturers, you always have freedom for upgrades and expansion
  • You can add extra local or network attached storage to expand your recording capacity
  • Each Versadial call recorder system can be expanded to record up to 256 channels by simply adding extra recording cards  and software licenses
  • Call recording kits include one-year software maintenance plan

Our software was design based on customer requests. The web browser-based user interface will reduce your overall training time and have you monitoring and conducting quality control tests for your organization within hours. Retrieve important calls quickly and easily with powerful search features, run reports, conduct QC, train your employees and reduce liability, and much more.



Ideal For: Technically savvy customers or telecom resellers. Customer who have an internal IT department who can source a quality server and properly install and configure all required hardware and software. 

Software: VSLogger Unlimited software comes standard with all  DIY recording kit systems. For more details of the features of our recording software please click here

Hardware: Hardware is supplied by you (the customer or reseller).  

Note: For a side by side comparison of the purchase options that Versadial offers, please click here for purchase comparison

For any questions and to receive a validated quote, please contact us directly. 

VMware for VoIP

Versadial has the ability to be placed in a VMware
environment for VoIP recording. Other traditional
systems can not use our solution in VMware due to
the need for hardware to record those line types.
However, with VoIP we do offer an optional VMware
solution for your recording. Please contact a Sales
Account Manager for details on our VMware implementation.

Reliable and Capable 

Versadial has been in the call recording industry since 1994. Offering products commercially since 1998 we have implemented our systems across the world in a variety of environments. Our longevity and product quality has allowed us to be a stable contender in the competitive call recording industry.

Wise Investment

We have designed our solution to be scalable and accommodate a number of telephony environments. We can record on digital, analog, T1/E1. ISDN and VoIP lines. Supporting a number of phone and PBX systems we can adjust and grow when your environment changes.

Customer Service

Customer service has been our priority since day one. We design our solutions with you in mind and take great pride in providing and supporting our customers. Our account managers strive to find the right solution for you that fits within your budget and meets or exceeds your needs.

Flexible Licensing

Our licensing policy is flexible. Licenses are based on number of channels recorded rather than per seat. License can be permanent or yearly subscription. This allows greater flexibility in your recording needs and a more cost effective structure. We provide unlimited access to your recordings. Allowing you to assign your entire company or a few managers to access the recordings. There is no limit or change in price.