Personal Call Recording Software

Personal Call Recording Software

SB Win Logger Is A Personal Phone Call Recording Software.

Easy to use telephone recording software. Record one phone of any make or model using your personal computer. (Telephone handset recording adapter or phone line recording adapter is required)

SB Win Logger telephone recording software uses your computer’s sound card to record telephone calls and makes it easy to quickly find past call recordings. Connect your telephone to your computer’s sound card with an adapter and the SB Win Logger telephone recording software handles the rest. SB Win Logger is easy to use and is made by Versadial, a leader in enterprise level call recording.

  • Single User: Record your phone calls using your personal computer
  • Free Trial: Download today and try it free
  • Telephone Recording: Automatic recording when you pick up a call (by voice activation), or user controlled recording (user initiates start/stop of the recording by mouse click)

Please Note: Support for SBWin is limited.

Please download and reference  SB Win Logger manual here for any support related issues.

Have remote agents or home office workers? Want to record their calls too? With SBWin Satellite mode you can. Learn more

Powerful Features

  • Email call recordings as a WAV file in a click
  • Automatic recording when you pick up a call, or by your click
  • Add custom text notes to any recording as it is being made
  • Search and find by a word in a note, date or time

Cut Costs

  • Reduce liability to lawsuits
  • Resolve customer disputes quickly
  • Reduce costly data-entry errors
  • Remember key conversation details


  • For additional questions and resources on our call recording products please visit our FAQ/Resource page.

Installing SB Win Logger:

  • Make sure your system meets the minimum hardware requirements including having the phone to sound card adapter installed before installing SB Win Logger.
  • Download the free trial of SB Win Logger on to your computer’s desktop.
  • Extract SB Win from the zip file by using a program such as WinZip.
  • Double click the Setup.exe file. SB Win will quickly walk you through the steps of installing the software.
  • Make a test recording. You can easily do this by playing a CD or mp3 file on your computer and using SB Win Logger to record it. You can then play back the recording to ensure that everything is working properly.
Examples Of Handset Adapter Setups For SBwin Logger
Examples Of Handset Adapter Setups For SBwin Logger

Use SBWin to record remote agents and upload all recordings to a centralized office.

Multiple SBWins may be used in a small office or a single remote agent and configured to upload recordings to a centralized VSLogger server, allowing for a centralized access point for all recordings. Once recordings are uploaded to the centralize server, you can login via a web browser and begin listening and playing back your recorded calls, conduct quality control and interact with your recordings.

Ideal For:

A centralized office that uses remote workers for part of their workforce. VSLogger is setup and installed within your centralized office. Standard licensing and configuration applies. If you have a remote worker, SBWin is installed on their personal PC; an adapter is purchased to connect between the headset and base of the phone, and then connected to the MIC input of the remote workers personal computer. See image above to the right.

SBWin is configured as a satellite recorder. After each recording, the recording is uploaded to the centralized office and stored on the VSLogger server. Search and playback of these calls is conducted in the same manner as phones that are being recorded and stored at the centralized office. Note, some data will be missing compared to a phone being recorded internally, however, the audio portion and name of agent of the calls will be available. 

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