Skype for Business Call Recording (Formerly MS Lync Call Recording) - VoIP

Skype for Business Call Recording
(Formerly MS Lync Call Recording) - VoIP

Skype For Business Recording / MS Lync Recording

Need to record your Skype for Business telephone lines? Versadial’s call recorder is compatible with Skype for Business (MS Lync) platform. Start recording your calls with better quality and easier access with our robust recording solution. For details about our software UI and features please see our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording page.

Record all inbound and outbound business calls. All recordings are stored on a dedicated PC located on your business premises. Calls can be automatically backed up to external devices, allowing you virtually unlimited storage of your calls.

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Versadial’s VSLogger supports passive (network sniffing) recording of standard SRTP/RTP based VoIP streams generated by Skype for Business. 

For a complete list of PBX and Phone manufacturer support, go here. 

Skype for Business (MSLync) Codecs:

Wideband Codecs (Supported) Narrowband Codecs (Supported) Currently Not Supported
PCMU/8000 (G.711)
PCMA/8000 (G.711)

Main components:
VSLogger Filter utility (VSLFilter ) , is installed on Front End Skype for Business Server. The VSLFilter monitors SIP Signaling Traffic, generates start/stop messages and passes this information to the connected Versadial recorders.

  • VSLogger Filter utility – installed and configured on Front End Skype for Business Server as Windows service
  • Configured VSLogger server instances establish client connection with VSLogger Filter utility
  •  VSLogger Filter utility – Collects required signaling info and sends it to connected VSLogger(s)
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