Law Practice Call Recording for Lawyers - Track Billable Hours

Law Practice Call Recording For Lawyers
Track Billable Hours

Easily track time spent on the phone with each client, monitor all communications,
or record on demand when you need to capture important communications

A majority of law practices benefit from having a call recording system in their office to help assist them in tracking their billable hours. Easily mark your calls for a specific client and run a report to track how many billable hours you have accumulated.

  • Track Billable Hours
  • Record Deposition(s) Over The Phone
  • Use Recording In Court
  • Listen to Recordings Made with Clients During Discovery Process

Our software was designed with you in mind. We designed our user interface to reduce your overall training time with our recorder software. Retrieve important calls quickly and easily with powerful search featuresLive monitor your calls to ensure your assistants are correctly handling potential clients.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording Solution page. 

Use Recording As Evidence

Recording your calls can help reduce your risk of exposure. When a client makes false claims against your law practice you can quickly and easily supply portions of the recordings to the opposing party.  Most claims are squashed before they even consider taking you to court.

Track Billable Hours

Use your recordings to run reports and track billable hours. Bookmark and add notations to phone conversations to be used by your accounting department for clear and accurate billable hours.

Process Of Discovery

Listen to calls with clients during your process of discovery. Track information spoken during phone conversations and use them later during briefings.

Increase Your Customer Base

Listening and grading your calls will provide excellent insight. Monitor your assistants to help them improve their overall interactions with clients.

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