How to Win a Telecommunications Bid as a Call Recording Reseller (Part 1 of 3)

As a telecommunications professional, do you ever find yourself tossed into a bin of generic offerings and forced to compete on pricing alone?

If someone has requested a bid from YOU, that potential client already knows what they need, and for what price they want it. Luckily, you were one of the tech professionals they trusted to call. Over these next two posts, Versadial will show you how to stand apart from your competition by offering your prospects a business-saving tool that will add value to their processes over and over again.

But the hard part’s not over YET! How will you stand apart from the rest of the proposals?

We can show you how to:

  • Provide an ROI for your end-user’s company
  • Show that you have your prospect’s best interest at heart
  • Take the proactive approach at solution-selling
  • Differentiate yourself and WOW your audience in the bidding room

Read onto Part #2 and Part #3 on “How to Win A Telecom Bid” to learn how to stand out and WIN.