How to Contribute to Versadial

How to Contribute to Versadial

Versadial contributors are invited by the editorial team only.
Versadial accepts contributions from professionals in telecommunications or business leaders.
Ad hoc slots are granted on a case-by-case basis and these columns run when there is an opening on the editorial schedule.

Posts Must Be 100% Original to Versadial

Columns accepted for publication must be exclusive to Versadial and 100% original. This means:

  • No plagiarism! All submissions must pass CopyScape scan and the Senior Copy Writer’s approval.
  • No self-plagiarism: Contributors may not self-reference a sentence or line from a previously published content or from another company blog post. Ideas must be original and sources cited appropriately.

Article Topic Submissions

All guest posts must be business or telecom related. Preferably call recording or call monitoring related.
All article topics must be submitted and approved by the Senior Copy Writer. Topics may be submitted through this form.

Versadial is a resource for telecommunications and business leaders seeking in-depth educational content and advice from experts. Articles must go beyond the basics, provide actionable tips and practical advice.
Be the expert!

Posts Must Be Free of Pitches

Articles must not be written in a manner to sell a product or service.
The intent of the article is to share expertise, ideas, insights and information with the audience.


Authors must disclose a relationship with a company or an individual that is mentioned in the post.

  • Citing data from a current business relationship: “I am working at {company name}”
  • Citing a relationship with an individual: “My business partner {partner name}”
  • Citing a business partner or client must be approved by the Senior Copy Writer.

Note: Client and/or company mentions will be removed from the article if they serve no added value to the reader.

Article Length

  • Minimum – Posts must be 1,000 words minimum
  • Ideal – 1,500 – 2,000 words
  • Extended – 2,000 or more words must acquire prior approval

SEO Best Practices

Articles must contain:

  • Headline – Short, catchy and original (maximum 70 characters). Headlines will be adjusted by TitleCase.
  • Description – A summary to whet the appetite of the reader (maximum 150 characters)
  • Image (Optional) – Articles submitted with an image must include its source and provide evidence of the right to use.

Note: Versadial will provide imagery so you will not need to worry about this aspect.

Imagery (Optional)

  • pngs or jpgs only.
  • To use Pexels, include the Pexels link to the image.
  • Photos will be centered and aligned within the article, unless the image is aligned within the text.
  • No promotional images. Images may not contain a company brand or logo.
  • No images with external link.
  • No memes
  • No GIFs
  • No embedded content from Instagram.

Versadial reserves the right to remove or replace images before or after the article has been published.


Authoritative third-party sources provide the audience evidence to support your perspective and argument.
However, our editorial staff will edit any links that appear promotional. Avoid any third-party links that appear self-serving to clients or friends. Links are not permitted to:

  • Homepages for source citation or to acquire a quote
  • Calls to action for self-promotion
  • Gated Content
  • Promotional or non-relevant links
  • We reserve the right to remove any link or add rel=”nofollow” to any link before or after the article has been published.
  • No Links to payday loans, pills/RX, gambling or pornography.

Selling, buying or trading links is strictly prohibited.

Republishing Content

Versadial permits content to be republished 14 days after the article has been published on to avoid duplicate content issues. Republished articles must use a canonical link. Otherwise, the article will be taken down.

Editorial Review

Versadial reserves the right to remove reject or delete any post at any time for any reason.

  • If at any time Versadial discovers an author is not writing their own posts, their posts will be taken down and the author will be prohibited from contributing to in the future.
  • Versadial may add a disclaimer to the end of any post to disclose and relationship(s) the the author and/or Versadial may have in relation with the article.
  • In the instance of a correction or an update to facts or bylines to a published article, Versadial reserves the right to edit any post at any time. Changes may be noted with a note from the editor about the changes and the reason the article was updated is applicable.

The Publishing Process

Our goal is two weeks turnaround from when the article is submitted.

  • Editor Status – Upon submission, the article will go through the initial round of link checking, copy editing and checks to ensure it passes editorial guidelines.
  • Copy Editor Status – The Copy Editor shall check the submission for:
    • Content flow, typographical errors and grammar
    • Links that do not follow the guidelines as stated will be removed from the article.
  • Ready for Scheduling Status – The article will be checked one last time by the Senior Copy Writer and scheduled to be published.

Author Bio

Upon submission, authors must submit a bio. The author bio must contain:

  • Profile Photo, must be able to clearly see face. No avatars.
  • Professional Details
  • Company
  • Position
  • Company URL
  • Personal social media profiles:
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook