Digital PBX Call Recording

Digital PBX Call Recording

Versadial Call Recorder Solutions can record from a majority of digital PBX manufacturers. Unlike many competitors, our systems can connect to old (legacy and TDM) and modern PBX systems.

There are two common interfaces used when connecting extensions to legacy and modern PBX (POTS (Plain old Telephone service))

  1. A two-wire analog interface used in most homes and small business
  2. Proprietary – usually digital and manufacturer defined protocol. Those can only connect the manufacturer phone-sets to their PBX, but provide extra benefits such as extra information displayed, or extra function buttons.

Versadial’s call recording solutions are well prepared for recording both POTS and proprietary digital interface (proprietary vendor phone) lines. We support a vast majority of  PBX vendors and phones.

  • Record Multiple Phone Lines at Once
  • No Per Seat License – We License Based on Per Channel
  • Unlimited License Access to Recordings
  • We Support a Variety of PBX Manufacturers
  • Auto Archive Recordings to External Drives, Providing Virtually Unlimited Data Storage

A vast majority of the business phone systems currently in use are old circuit switched systems. These already bought systems are very competitive in services with modern VoIP based PBXs.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording Solution page.

How We Connect to Your Phone lines

Visit Call recording Scenarios Page for details on how Versadial connects to your partcular phone system.

Scalable And Compatible

Record 2 to 999 lines across compatible phone systems.


Runs for years unattended.


2-3 major upgrades per year and custom development.

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