Complete Call Recording System

Complete Call Recording System

Complete (Turn-Key) Call Recording Server Purchase Option

Versadial offers our call recording products as a complete turn-key solution. All servers are tested, configured, and custom built to your specifications. Industrial grade components are used within all of our systems and come with a standard 1-year warranty. Additional warranty options are available. 

A complete system is ideal for a majority of customers:  While more of a plug-in-play option, once received, customers (you) will be required to connect the system to your network and your phones. If digital or analog phones, a telecom expert will most likely be required to split and tap the recorded lines. If using VoIP, connecting and configuring the managed switch within your business will be required. Typically, a network IT personnel will be able to accomplish this. 

Software: VSLogger software comes standard with all complete systems. For more details of the features of our recording software please click here

Hardware: All complete systems are custom configured and built to your specifications. Required recording boards and additional hardware will be properly installed and tested to meet our specifications.

For any questions and to receive a validated quote, please contact us directly. 

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