Why Choose Versadial Solutions For Your Call Recording Needs?

Why Choose Versadial Solutions
For Your Call Recording Needs?

Versadial Solutions has been in the voice recording industry since 1994. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer cost saving powerful and flexible call recording solutions to multiple industries. Our call recording software and complete call recording system can be tailored to meet your financial budget and functional needs.

We have a worldwide customer base, servicing clients in government, manufacturing, telecommunications, call centers, public safety, financial services and other industries.

Versadial call recorder is NOT just a call recorder – it is a powerful Incident Recreation, Liability Control and Workforce Optimization tool

Here Are A Few Of Our Advantages:

  • We are established and have been designing/developing call recording software since 1994
  • Our systems can record a broad range of telephone line types: VoIP,  Analog, proprietary digital PBX, T1/E1, ISDN, and Agent PC screen Capture
  • Scalable and Flexible solutions
  • Voice recording software that is easy to use
  • Non-proprietary PC hardware for ease of maintenance and scaling. Our systems support hardware from several manufacturers. Allowing you the freedom to upgrade and expand with the hardware of your choice
  • No charge for multiple seat licenses of the remote client software
  • Not-restrictive licensing
  • Cost saving DIY kit you can install in your existing PC (Technical Experience Required to Install)
  • Call Center Workforce Optimization Features, such as: Screen capture, QC evaluations, QC reviews for Coaching, Agent Teams, Teams performance views, Agent Time Utilization  Metrics and real time gamification views
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Recording checksum for checking non-tamper proof recording
  • Live Monitoring: Supervisors can monitor calls using multi-tiered security permission levels
  • Automatic archiving to DVD or network drives
  • Reliable systems running 24/7 with redundant power supplies and RAID hard disks
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Agents, supervisors and managers can be given selectable access to one or all channels and features
  • Multi-site recording with centralized access
  • Capture caller ID, dialed numbers, SMDR, or ANI/ALI
  • Reporting: Create custom reports, graphs and charts
  • Third party verification recording
  • No mandatory yearly service contracts
  • Quality Control Tests and Reports
  • Browser base UI

Easy To Use

Is ease of use important to your organization? Our recording solutions are designed to be easy to learn and use. Our hardware is chosen for reliability and designed to integrate into your existing computer and telecom system. This has resulted in a near 0% return rate since 1994. Even our 30 day money back guarantee is designed to reduce your risk and make voice recording a painless addition to your business. Upon purchasing a Versadial voice recording system you will find a helpful quickstart guide and installation tutorials. Our trained support staff will assist you each step of the way, making your new voice recorder operational and productive. This approach has made satisfied customers of NASA, Rolex, Aloha Airlines, UC Davis Medical and many more across the globe.

Cost Saving Options

Our prices on voice recording systems are among the best in the industry. We offer unlimited seat licenses to access and manage your recordings. This means huge savings if you need multiple supervisors to be able to access and manage your voice recording from their computer. We also offer dynamic licensing which also can offer a huge savings. Call an account manager for more details on this type of setup. With all purchases we offer a one year warranty, software upgrades, and telephone support. After your initial year, our software maintenance plan is optional and your recorder will continue to function as originally purchased. Extended warranties are available, but never mandatory. 

Easy To Integrate And Scale

Versadial uses non-proprietary voice recording hardware that will easily integrate with your Windows PC environment. Maintenance is easy, without the need for specialized technicians. Recordings can be easily exported into industry standard WAV files making sharing telephone recordings via email easy. Versadial voice recording systems can scale quickly and easily, growing as you grow.

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