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Recording Software Releases

Versadial Solutions Releases 4.7.3 Call Recording – visual audio wave, direct recorder access, Avaya and Panasonic signal capture

Versadial Solutions Releases Version 4.7.3 of their call recording solution.  What comes with 4.7.3? Audio waveform graph in the player - Visually see active and quiet audio waves during playback Avaya H.323 signaling capture and decoding Panasonic MGCP signaling capture Direct access to VSLogger recorder user interface Sort active calls to the top of live…
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Versadial Solutions released version 4.7.1 of their call recording software. Improved screen capture process control and distributed recording replication service.

Irvine, California, August 1st, 2016 - Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has released VSLogger 4.7.1. The new release of Recording Software provides recording replication feature to enable extra redundancy and recordings distribution over multiple servers across the network. Each recording server can be configured to replicate recordings into another networked recorder…
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Versadial Solutions Releases Adutante 1.5.4 and VSlogger/VSmonitor 4.5.4 with enhanced VoIP recording support and features.

Irvine, California, April 23rd, 2014 - Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, released a new version of their Adutante Recording Software, version 1.5.4 and VSLogger/VSmonitor 4.5.4. The enhanced VoIP support will allow Versadial’s call recording solution to take advantage of H.323, MGCP, UNIStim 9 Nortel and UAUDP (Alcatel) signaling protocols.  “VoIP usage continues to grow in the small to medium…
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