Call Recording Solutions Comparison - Product Comparison

Call Recording Solutions - Product Comparison

Since 1998, Versadial has been offering call recording solutions to a variety of industries ranging in size from a few to hundreds of employees.  Complete Recording (Turn-Key) System is recommended for the majority of end users, as the best and easiest option.

For resellers and for technically savvy end users, we also offer a Call Recording Kit solution.  At the same time, we recommend recording kit users to take into account the amount of effort, possible compatibility and integration issues, and potential costs of building the recorder on their own. The DIY Kit software option has the same functionality and features as our  Turn-Key solution. The major difference is the Kit solution requires the end-user to provide a PC server, while the Turn-Key solution includes a fully tested and compatible PC server by Versadial. 

Our 3rd option is a Subscription based model. Provided either as a complete system (upfront purchase of recording server) or provided in a DIY Kit format, companies may rent the software at a lower yearly rate. 

Call Recording System
(Purchase License Up Front)

Call Recording DIY Kit
(Purchase License Up Front)

Software Subscription/Rent
(License Renews Each Year)

Best For End Users: Companies, with need to record 4 or more phone lines or telephone devices, companies that require call recording for training, quality control and liability control. Law enforcement or security call center, recording for incident recreation. VARS: Telecom dealers, network and IT consultants, vertical market IT solution suppliers. VARS: Telecom dealers, Network and IT consultants, Vertical market IT solution suppliers Technically savvy end users with expertise and resources to integrate recorder on their own. Companies wanting to record 10 or more channels and billed on a subscription type basis. Note: This is not a cloud hosted service.
Components VSLogger Unlimited Server, Adutante Server Software, (optional) Voice Recording Boards, Installed and Configured on Industrial Strength PC VSLogger Unlimited Server, Adutante Server Software, (optional) Voice Recording Boards VSLogger Unlimited Server, Adutante Server Software, provided in a Complete System or a DIY Kit format
Hardware Provided
Configured, tested and compatible with recording boards. Recording Software pre-installed and configured. Versadial offers range of recorder PCs, from basic to industrial strength
Recording Cards Only (TDM recording only) Optional (Extra Charge)
Channels and Input Types Up to 999 Channels/Phone Lines: Analog, Digital PBX Extension, ISDN BRI/PRI, E1,T1, VoIP, SIP trunks , RoIP (Unicast or multicast sources),Analog Audio: MIC or LINE Workstation Screen(s) Capture. Up to 999 Channels/Phone Lines: Analog, Digital PBX Extension, ISDN BRI/PRI, E1,T1, VoIP, SIP Trunks, RoIP (Unicast or multicast sources), Analog Audio: MIC or LINE Workstation Screen(s) Capture. Up to 999 Channels Phone Lines: Analog, Digital PBX Extension, ISDN BRI/PRI, E1,T1, VoIP, SIP Trunks, RoIP (Unicast or multicast sources), Analog Audio: MIC or LINE Workstation Screen(s) Capture
Purchase Options One Time Payment One Time Payment Yearly Software Subscription
VMware Compatible (VoIP and RoIP Only)
3rd Party Integration AP
Playback and Monitoring
  • Live Monitoring
  • Quick Search of Recent Recordings
  • Standard Playback Controls
  • Save and Email Recordings
  • Bookmark (mark section of a call)
  • Note Tags
  • Remote Playback, Unlimited Licenses
  • Flag Specific Calls For Later Review
Access With Web Browser
Record From Multiple Types of Lines and With HW From Different Vendors
  • Run Detailed Reports
  • Print Reports
  • Export Data For Use In Third Party Applications
  • Automatically generated by sched
Edit Fields and Add Notes To Calls
Screen Capture Recording Available
(Additional License)
Tamper Proof Recordings
Search Recording By
  • Extension
  • Agent Name
  • Date and Time
  • Caller ID / Dialed Numbers
  • Inbound/Outbound Direction
  • Notes
  • Duration
Recordings Shared Via Email
SQL Database Relational Support
Scalability System capabilities limited only by Number of Available PCI Slots and CPU Performance.
  • 999 combined TDM and VoIP channels (Multiple Recorders can be combined for larger Scale Applications)
  • Number of channels can be easily expanded by simply adding Extra Boards & Licenses
  • Record Inputs: Such as Analog, Digital PBX, VoIP, T1/E1, ISDN-BRI
Automatic Notifications
  • Storage Full
  • Archive Full
  • Low Disk Space
  • and More
CI Integration
Recording Triggers
  • D-Channel
  • On-Hook/Off-hook
  • Voltage Levels
  • VOX(voice activation)
  • DTMF Tones
  • Function Buttons
  • Button Lamps / LEDs
  • External API (3rd party)
  • CTI Events
  • Manual/Operator Commands
Optional Adutante Server Software Centralized Access
  • Directly connect to all remote VSLogger recorders via the Adutante UI
  • Manage all users and access permissions from the centralized location
  • Automatically authenticate and directly connect to all remote VSLogger recorders
  • Share access to QC functionality
Adutante Scalability
  • Unlimited Number of VSLogger Recorders. Scale is limited only by CPU and Bandwidth requirements
  • Recordings stored and managed on individual Recorders (distributed storage) allowing unlimited scalability.
Quality Control Grading Module
  • Easily Grade Recordings
  • Create Unlimited Quality Control Tests
  • Unlimited Criteria per Test
  • View Results in Percentage Grade
  • See Average Grade per Agent and Historical Performance
  • Share Scores via Reviews
  • Provide Training For Specific Criteria
  • Grade Multiple Recordings at Once
  • Create QC Reports
  • Export and Review QC Reports and Results
Special Signaling
  • JTAPI signaling access 
Desktop Assistant (Optional Utility to be Installed on Agents PC) PC Screen Capture
  • Screen capture of the Agent Monitor
Agent Control
  • Configurable recording control functions allowed to individual agents
  • Configurable permissions to  pause, mute, start or stop recording, flag, and add notes to recorded call
  • Time log of agent status: Out, In, On Project, On Break, to be displayed in Team Dashboard of the recorder
Technology Features For Compliance Recording

Note: Optional software maintenance plan is available after first year