VSLogger Call Recording Engine

VSLogger Call Recording Engine

VSLogger Call Recording Engine and Call Recording SDK is a special compilation of VSLogger server for solution developers or direct users who want to add a low-cost call recording functionality to their product.

Recording engine removes the overhead of the regular User Interface and offers call recording features for a fraction of the regular solution price.

The following features are included with VSLogger Call Recording Engine:

  • Support of all recording hardware and recorded input and device types currently supported by VSLogger Unlimited server
  • CLI Configuration Tool with all usual functionality
  • Partial VSLogger Monitor HTML interface (only sections related to program configuration)
  • Call Recording SDK (Software Development Kit) – VSLogger API and API usage samples
Want a  complete recording solution with a a robust user interface?

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The following features of VSLogger Unlimited server are disabled or have limited functionality in Call Recording Engine.

  • Adutante server integration, including user management and QC module
  • VSLogger Monitor (HTML user interface) is limited for use by single Administration account and intended for configuration and testing only. Live Monitoring search and reports features are disabled

Want a  complete recording solution with a a robust user interface?

How VSLogger Engine Is Used

Recording engine can:

  • Automatically record configured channels/lines
  • Record on demand (from the 3rd party application)
  • Archive recordings to net storage or removable storage

3rd party applications can:

  • Integrate with Call Recording engine via HTML-based API
  • Control recording process by sending command to recorder ( start stop, mute, change fields content etc.)
  • Access and manage recordings directly on the disk
  • Provide user management and user interface functionality
  • Provide user access to recordings

Licenses Are Purchased In Bulk.

To enable  your developer status and receive Call recording Engine activation codes, You have to do following:

  • Purchase batch of software licenses (10, 20, 50, 100. 200 and 300 progressively priced channel license batches available). Channel licenses from the purchased batches can be applied to Call Recording Engine activation codes, in any combination of TDM, VoIP or Screen capture channels.
  • Request License Activation Code for specific licenses configuration, (e. g. Activation code for 4 TDM channels, 6 VoIP channels, 0-Screen will take 10 channel licenses from your batch)

More Information At:

VSLogger Recording Engine Documentation

Reliable And Capable

Versadial has been in the call recording industry since 1994. Offering products commercially since 1998 we have implemented our system across the world in a variety of environments. Our longevity and product quality have allowed us to be a static contender in the competitive call recorder industry.

Smart Investment

We have designed our solution to be scalable and accommodate a number of telephony environments. We can record on digital, analog, T1/E1. ISDN, Radio, PRI and VoIP lines. Supporting a number of phone and PBX systems we can adjust and grow when your environment changes.

Customer Service

Customer service has been our priority since day one. We design our solutions with you in mind and take great pride in providing and supporting our customers. Our account managers strive to find the right solution for you that fits within your budget and meets or exceeds your needs.

Recording Engine – VSLogger

Easily utilize our Call Recording Engine to integrate into your current project. We have done the heavy lifting in the recording sector so that you can focus your development in other areas of your program. We also offer professional services to assist you with integrating our solution. 

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