Call Recording Software Comparison

Call Recording Software Comparison

Versadial’s Software Solutions Integrate To Form A Complete Workforce Optimization Tool

Our VSLogger call recording software is at the heart of our software solution. Working in conjunction with Adutante and Desktop Assistant, VSLogger becomes a powerful Incident Recreation, Liability Control and Workforce Optimization tool.

The features and tools below can be utilized to increase your overall business productivity, improve agent performance, and reduce your liability by maintaining recordings and data.

All features below are included within VSLogger at no extra charge, unless marked.

Call Recording Software

Record Analog, Digital PBX Extensions, ISDN BRI/PRI, E1,T1,VoIP,  and SIP trunk lines.

A powerful Incident Recreation, Liability Control and Workforce Optimization tool. We support Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Shoretel, Mitel, Nortel, Skype for Business (MS Lync ), NEC. and more. Our solution is used across a myriad of industries and business sizes from a simple dentist office, to a 200 seat call center.

Standard Features: Live Monitor, Search, Playback, Bookmark, Extract, Email, Silence, Notes, and more. 

Quality Control

Our Quality Control module allows managers to grade agents with custom forms. Run reports on individual agents to track performance over time, and highlight those who are excelling and those who need assistance. 

Easily spot trends and trouble areas within the organization. Take advantage of our general evaluation options that allows you to utilize the QC module for general annual performance reviews. 

Workforce Status Management

Real time Workforce Management allows you to track call center agent’s status and quickly see who is on break, on a project, or active on the floor. Working with Desktop Assistant, agents can change their status on the fly, with their status displayed on management dashboard.

With reports, managers can discover their busy and dead times, and utilize this data to make informed decisions for staffing and break schedules.


Coaching and e-learning is easy with our built in quality control and evaluations form. During QC form creation, each question or section can have an e-learning URL attached to better explain or re-emphasize troubled areas. 

Once the evaluation is completed, managers can send the graded QC forms directly to the agent for review. The agent can run a self evaluation, see their grade, and click on any assigned E-learning link provided by the manager for further coaching and training. 

Business Intelligence

In-depth reports provide a plethora of data to help managers easily and quickly analyze current trends and daily call statistics. Business intelligence allows managers to make informed decisions running their day-to-day operations.  

With Dashboard view, managers can quickly see agents who are falling behind on their tasks or highlight those who are out-performing their co-worker. Identify problems in real time, and see why certain agents may be struggling to get their call volume up because of other external issues

Screen Capture*

Get a holistic view of your agents daily activities. Screen Recording combined with call recording provides a complete capture of the agents interaction with your customers. 

By recording agent PC screens, managers can spot issues with CRM usage, data entry, or overall processes. Identifying these issues can help teams produce more efficient processes to handle interactions, which in turn will create more productivity and satisfied customers.

*Additional licensing fee required.

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