Call Recording Pricing & ROI

Call Recording Pricing & ROI

Call Recording Pricing

Our solutions are designed to fit your environment and recording requirements. Because of the complexity and number of different telecom infrastructures and manufacturers we do not provide exact pricing on the internet. Our licensing for recording varies on quantities (number of channels being recorded) and hardware used. 

Versadial offers two purchasing options:

  1. One Time Purchase: You purchase the license and own it. The only optional fee is the yearly software maintenance plan that provides you with software updates and access to our support desk. Minimum purchase 2 channels. 
  2. Subscription Model: You pay yearly for the number of channels being recorded and renew each year thereafter.  Included each year is the software maintenance plan that provides you with software updates and access to our support desk. Minimum purchase 10 channels. 

We ask that you speak with an account manager to learn about the pricing structure and options, as some people require a turn-key solution and others are able to handle a recording kit option.

Please see our purchase options for more details

Ongoing Charges

Versadial does not require ongoing or monthly charges to keep the recorder working. Once you pay for the system, you own it. There are no additional or hidden costs involved. We do have a yearly maintenance fee, but it is an optional fee. The maintenance fee is nominal and covers access to the support desk as well as any upgrades that come out. We usually have 2 to 3 major updates to our software per year.

What Can A Recorder Do For Your Business?

The moment your recorder is installed, it will start to pay off. Many companies look at the out of pocket expense, and the tangible numbers, but fail to see the overall benefit a recording system can bring.


With calls being recorded 24/7, you gain an insight into your daily verbal transactions. Our quality control and testing module allows managers to listen to calls and review agent performance. Indicate problem areas, share their results with the agent,
mark tests and calls for review, and conduct quality training from any PC within the network.

First Call Resolution

With live monitoring and easy call search capabilities, instances of poor customer experience can quickly be addressed and reconciled. Additional training and procedures will greatly increase First Call Resolutions within the company.

Increase Customer Satisfaction And Retention

By conducting quality training and enhancing first call resolutions, you will increase your overall customer satisfaction and retention rate. Dollars will not be lost on their way in, and you will retain loyal customers.

Reduced Liability

Too many businesses reach out to obtain a call recording solution because they have been sued or are in a heavy dispute. These owners and sales managers discover that having a recording solution monitoring these calls would have reduced this liability and quickly resolved the situation. Many times, the cost of one lawsuit or dispute will pay for the recording system.

Agent Retention:

It costs nearly 20% of employees’ salary to make up for lost productivity, time recruiting and training. Employees who are well trained and recognized have a greater comfort within the organization, increasing overall satisfaction and
success within the business environment.

Efficiency And Productivity

By implementing a recording solution, the overall productivity of an employee increases. Either recording PC and Monitor activity, or listening to sales calls, company policies and procedures can be monitored and adjusted to address poor productivity or inefficiencies.

Increase Cross Selling And Up-Selling

Calls that have missed opportunities for a cross-sell or up-sell can be addressed during quality control and training. Skills can be honed and improved to increase an agents awareness of financial opportunities during a
customer interaction.

Reduced Operating Costs

Built on windows based platform and running on a Windows 7 server allows companies to reduce the operating systems cost and maintenance. An added benefit with a browser based rich user interface also reduces the maintenance and expense of handling an additional utility to access recordings.

Versadial call recorder is more than just a way to listen to your agents, it is a valuable business tool that will pay for itself on day one. Reports and quality control features allow you to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution. Train your agents and be more efficient with your call center management.

Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 Billion loss by US companies each year because of defections and abandoned purchases.
Source: Parature Customer Service Blog

89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor
customer experience.
Source: RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report 2011

86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.
Source: RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report 2011

The biggest concern that most companies have when investing into a new technology or IT driven product is typically about the Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Versadial understands the need for businesses to show and prove value with every investment made. Most companies will invest into a call recording solution because of governmental regulations or compliance enforcement. A call recording system can fulfill this requirement, but if you dive a bit deeper into a true call recording system, you will find a number of values that will increase your bottom line and your business productivity.

Customers no longer have a choice of 5 brands, they have a choice of hundreds. When shopping or working with a business, customers rate their likelihood to purchase not based on product, but on customer experience.

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