Call Recording Panasonic VoIP MGCP

Call Recording Panasonic VoIP MGCP

100% Panasonic VoIP Compatible

Versadial’s call recorder is capable of capturing Panasonic VoIP call details without SMDR or CTI integration. This added capability makes Versadial’s software 100% Panasonic VoIP compatible and greatly reduces the time required to configure the Versadial Call Recorder for Panasonic phone system.

Panasonic MGCP Recording

For users utilizing MGCP on the Panasonic phones, instead of SIP, or for Panasonic systems that only support MGCP signaling, call details such as Caller ID, dialed number, extension, and direction can be captured directly from the MGCP signaling. There is no requirement for our Versadial Phone solution to connect to the Panasonic PBX via SMDR or CTI and capture these details.

Not having to rely on SMDR or CTI simplifies configuration and reduces the likelihood of lost call details.  Direct deciphering of the MGCP signaling has a higher likelihood of capturing and properly applying the call information. 

For details about our software UI and features please see our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording  Solution page. 

For a complete list of PBX and Phone manufacturer support, go here. 

How We Connect to Your Phone lines

Visit Call recording Scenarios Page for details on how Versadial connects to your partcular phone system.