Insurance Provider Recording Solution

Insurance Provider Recording Solution

Cost-effective Way to Reduce Liability

With the boom of the internet, insurance providers are now competing nationally when it comes to home and business coverage. A major factor for obtaining new customers is overall customer satisfaction. With a call recording solution, you can begin to implement policies and procedures within your company structure to ensure the best possible customer service and communication.

Need to verify a transaction or enrollment? Our on-demand and third party verification recording feature allows agents to conference in the recorder and obtain confirmation of the transaction as well as a verification number for the transaction. This way both parties have a secure and reliable proof of a specific enrollment or agreement. 

  • Monitor Calls Live
  • Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Third Party Verification Recording Available
  • Run Custom Reports and Improve Business Operations
  • Reduce Your Liability and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Auto Archive Recordings for Virtually Unlimited Storage
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data
Business Call Recording and Liability Insurance

With a Versadial Call Recording solution, your business can reap the benefits of a sales training tool at the tip of your fingers. Listen to calls, grade agent performance, and run reports to see how your overall business performance is doing.

Meeting the needs of regulatory compliance, a call recorder will provide an opportunity to monitor your agents and discover new opportunities for cross-selling and increase the efficiency of your business operations.

For a more in-depth look at our recording software please take a look at our VSLogger Unlimited Call Recording Solution page. 

Adhere To Regulatory Compliance

Recorded calls are sometimes necessary to adhere to regulatory compliance. Our systems can be installed and setup to record all incoming and outgoing calls. If internal call recording (extension to extension) is also necessary, we can easily integrate our system to cover these voice recordings.

Training Tool

Use our call recording software as a training tool to help increase overall customer satisfaction. Grading and reports can provide an insight into your agent’s performance over time. See if your employees are declining or rising within the company.

Identify Cross-Selling Opportunities

Having insight and listening on the front lines of your business can help you develop recognize cross selling opportunities. Are customers requesting specific type of insurance coverage; or different ways to help reduce their overall premiums? Listening and monitoring these calls can help you develop and see current trends.

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