Call Recording Industry Uses

Call Recording Industry Uses

Telephone Call Recording In The Various Market Segments

Versadial provides telephone recording software and telephone recorders for a very large number of market segments.

Call Recording For Government

Discover the exceptional benefits of a Versadial call recording solution for military and government agencies. Increase security by detecting and deterring inappropriate calls. With increased regulations, government agencies have a need for a reliable call logging solution. Quick and easy call retrieval is essential. Full redundancy through RAID and easy retrieval of recorded calls with a Versadial solution comes standard.

Call Recording For Public Safety

Prevent and protect the public with the help of a Versadial call recording solution. When reliability is an absolute necessity, Versadial has the call recording solution that will sustain the needs of high demand systems. Maintenance free systems with non stop recording. Fault tolerance and high reliability keep communications working 100% of the time. Quick and easy access to all recorded calls. Dispatch call evaluation that helps improve call taker performance and ease of use.

Call Recording For Transportation

The high growth industry of transportation needs the high reliability and large scalability of a Versadial call recording solution. Our quality monitoring is used in air, rail, road and water through infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. Voice recording in this industry is an ever growing necessity.

Call Recording For Call Centers

The implementation of a voice logger system will provide improved quality control, heightened dispute management, and a solid representation of all customer and agent correspondence. Versadial offers scalable call recording solutions for your growing call center. Our systems are compatible with most popular phone systems, ACDs, and VoIP platforms. Monitoring, Reporting and Quality control are key feature sets for rapidly training new agents and improving quality of service.

Call Recording For Financial Institutions

Secure all verbal transactions and meet compliance and legal recording requirements. Financial institutions use call recording solutions to comply with a variety of government and industry related regulations.The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has rules requiring firms to record telephone conversations. Regarding client orders in the markets of equity, bond, and other derivatives, the laws surrounding the recording of telephone conversations needs to be understood. Are you required to record telephone calls? Contact us to discuss in detail how you can meet all your legal requirements and benefit from the various features offered in a call recording solution.

Call Recording For Telecommunications

What does your telecommunications business need to set it ahead of the competition? Versadial offers a call recording solution that covers telephone, radio and other audio devices. Our recorders are a robust and affordable solutions that can be instaledl by a telecommunication reseller. Add extra value to your PBX or VoIP PBX sales by reselling VSLogger to your clientele. The Versadial reseller programand training programs get your staff up to speed selling and installing our robust solutions.

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