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Liability Reduction


quality Control & Training 


Comply with Regulations



Incident Recreation

Event Investigation



The Versadial Advantage:

Versadial’s VSLogger recorder combines call recording, quality control, live team performance dashboards, and in-depth reporting to provide you a powerful incident recreation and workforce optimization tool. 


Runs for years unattended.


2-3 major upgrades per year and custom development.


Quick training time & low total cost of ownership.

Scalable and Compatible

Record 2 to 999 lines across compatible phone systems.


  • Search and playback, plus live monitoring
  • Silence or extract parts of any recording
  • Detailed call reports sent to your email
  • Auto-backup and auto-archive
  • Remote access from anywhere via web browser
  • Screen recording (dual monitor)
  • Third-party verification recording
  • Record analog, digital, VoIP, ISDN, T1, PRI, radio (analog and ROIP), or hosted VoIP on trunk or extension side
  • Grade and score calls using custom criteria
  • Assign granular permissions
  • Supports multiple PBXs
  • And much more…


With large infrastructures and remote offices, our recorder can be organized in a distributed system, ensuring all your audio communications are recorded across your organization. Each recorder can scale from 2 to 999 recorded lines or phone devices. Analog, Digital PBX Extensions, ISDN BRI/PRI, E1,T1,VoIP, SIP trunk lines – all supported. We also support Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Shoretel, Mitel, Nortel, Skype for Business (MS Lync ), NEC.

Easily Find Calls And Play Them Back

Search by a variety of parameters to narrow down to specific calls. Audio and Video files are loaded and played directing in the software. No need to open a new window or download to your desktop. 

The audio player has standard controls plus additional features to enhance the user experience. Mixed Playback, Playback Speed, Bookmarks, and more.

Quality Control Management And Coaching

Need to grade employees and conduct quality training sessions? Our QC module makes it easy to grade calls as well as conduct general QC reviews. Create custom forms to suit your business model, send reviews to another manager or the employee for further training. Run Quality Control reports to monitor your employees’ progress and see if there is any room for improvement. 

For coaching, each question and section can have a URL attached for training material. Simply link to your intranet training portal and allow agents and employees to follow up on training material. If they score low in a certain section, only send the training required for that section.

Excellent Customer Service Call Recording

Interactive Timeline View

In addition to our standard table view of all recorded calls for search and playback, we offer a unique and interactive timeline view. Timeline View is a new graphical view that provides a visual representation of call activity in a chronological order. You can see agent activity and call volume during peak times in a visual timeline format. Green represent an audio file, blue represents a video file, and red is the selected recording actively playing.

Recording can be complicated….have a dedicated account manager explain the details and provide a customized quote to fit your business phone system. 

In-Depth Reports

Run reports on all your recorded call data. Run yearly trends on all your audio channels/lines, get a complete report on your busiest time of the year and plan your hours accordingly. Find out what day of the week, or what time of the day you receive the most volume of calls. This allows managers to properly staff and schedule specific break times to better accommodate volume. Reducing the wait time for your customers on the phone, increasing their satisfaction and your overall performance. See who is handling the most calls within your business, how many outbound and incoming calls they receive and gauge their production and much more.


Desktop Assistant – Provide Control To Agents

Based on permissions and access, Desktop Assistant allows agents to control their own recordings and notes directly from their desktop. Desktop Assistant is a small application that runs in the agents Windows system tray. While a call is in progress, Agents may pause, mute, start, stop, make notes, or flag a call.

This is very handy when dealing with PCI compliance or being able to monitor important calls. Agents can flag specific calls if they need them to be reviewed, or they can indicate a certain type of call for their manager to review. Managers can filter and find calls that are relevant to that week’s training session or to help assist in tracking important calls. 

Additionally, Desktop Assistant can assist with tracking an agent’s current status. Agents can change their status to In, Out, On Break,  or On Project. This allows managers to quickly see what an agent is currently doing without having to physically check on them. 

Agent And Team Dashboard – Gamification

Our dashboard view allows managers to quickly see how their team or agents are performing. Are they on a call? On Break? Or on a project such as training or reviews. Quickly see if you are staffed correctly during peak hours to properly handle all incoming and outgoing calls. See which agents are outperforming others and create a fun and competitive environment within your business or call center. 


Responsive User Interface

We designed our User Interface to be responsive to your device. Access recordings on the go with a tablet or a phone. The interface will automatically re-size to fit your device and allow you to easily listen to your agents with a supported web browser enabled device.

PC Screen Capture (Add-On)

Capture your agents PC screen and have it synchronized with their audio recordings. Screen capture allows managers to review the overall workflow of your agents. 

Record up to two monitors at a time. Screen capture is triggered when the agent picks up the phone. Optionally, managers may manually trigger the recording from the UI. Working in tangent with the audio recording, screen capture stops and resumes for PCI and HIPPA compliance.

Custom Integration With Your Other Software Solutions

Need to integrate with your internal software, such as collections software, utility software, CRM, and other applications? Versadial provides custom integration with these tools, allowing you to seamlessly navigate between your established software and our recorder. 

Connect both systems to allow managers and users easy access to recorded details and customer information. All of our developers are in-house right here in Irvine CA; we have integrated with a number of other software providers and understand the daily demand and requirements for a seamless integration and user experience.

Quality Control

Enjoy built-in custom reports, live monitoring, search and playback, and more to use your call recorder as a powerful employee coaching and workforce management tool.

Liability Reduction

VSLogger recorder allows you to avoid frivolous lawsuits, decrease he-aid, she-said scenarios, and provide liability protection that is easy to use and within the budget for any business


Call recording aids in keeping business compliant under regulations such as: PCI, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank Act, Consumer Protection Act, and more. We offer multiple methods for muting or removing sensitive information from calls. 

Incident Recreation & Investigation

Recording your calls means there is iron-clad proof of all communications to protect you in investigations and use previous scenarios as examples to train employees on best and worst practices.

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