Business Intelligence and In-Depth Reports

Dig deep into your day-to-day activities and gain business intelligence

Note: Business Intelligence and Reports is always part of our call recording solution at no extra charge. 

Utilizing in-depth reporting tools, you can dig deep into the day-to-day activities of your business. Call reports display details of your busiest times, days, and weeks. Providing you countless ways to dig deep into your call center and business’s analytics to assist with proper staffing and management.

  • Track Your Busiest Time of the Day
  • Track Your Busiest Time of the Week
  • Track Your Busiest Time of the Year
  • Gather Information to Properly Staff Your Teams
  • Track Your Top Performers and Award Accordingly

In Depth Reports

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Reports To Help Clarify:

With reports of all your captured recordings and activity, now you can make business decisions based off of trends and actual data. No more second guessing your staffing needs, or proper break rotations. 

By running trend reports, you are able to spot and see typical call volumes and interactions. 

  • Summary, Channels
  • Day of Week, Channels
  • Hour of Day, Channels
  • Monthly Trend, Channels
  • Yearly Trend, Channels.....and more

Type of Reports

Team Performance



Dashboards - Real Time Business Intelligence

With the VSLogger Dashboard view, managers can quickly monitor and see who is performing, and who needs encouragement. Spot issues on the fly, and get ahead of the curve by monitoring agents who are falling behind on their tasks as well as hitting their numbers. 

With dashboard view, agents can also monitor their progress, and make sure they are staying on target for the day. With a built in option to display statistics to teams, a natural gamification model can be created, and creating internal competitions will help drive moral and production. 

Desktop Assistant - Combination with Dashboards

With desktop assistant, agents can inform managers of their current status.  Agents can mark when they are on-break, on a project, or when they are on the floor and receiving and making calls. Status and time are then displayed on the call recording dashboard. 

As an added bonus, desktop assistant (with proper permissions), allows agents to flag active calls or make notes to properly file recordings for later playback or review. Additionally, agents are provided their individual statistics for number of calls and overall performance.

Desktop Assistant Gamification and Agent Production

The Beginners Guide To Growing Sales with Call Recording

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