When Employees Behave Badly

When Employees Behave Badly

Last Updated on August 10, 2020


Most of the time, call center employees do a great job of treating customers like real people, listening to their concerns and providing solutions to their problems. Most of the time they’re courteous, friendly and professional. Every once in a while, however, one of your call center employees does something that can’t be overlooked.

They disclose information that’s proprietary…

They use inappropriate language or talk about inappropriate subject matters with a customer…

They are rude or abusive to the people they’re supposed to serve…

When this happens, you have little or no choice but to involve your Human Resources department. HR are the keepers of your business’ professional standards, company policies and/or code of conduct. When someone does something that breaches the code, HR must get the call.

When HR gets that call, they spring into action by gathering information from multiple sources. They interview the parties involved, they review the employee’s personnel record and they look for verification of what was said or done. What better way to document what happened than through the use of call logging software?

Using Call Logging Software to Document Employee Misconduct

Your call logger captures every incoming and outgoing call involving the rep in question. If the issue is internal, and the logger was configured extension side, then all calls made from employee to employee will be recorded. HR will pull the digital file for each call and review them to assess if what really occurred was a violation of company policy. Once verified, they will review the company’s disciplinary guidelines to see what type of action should be taken. Some offenses are so egregious that termination is the only option, while others can be handled with a documented warning.

By monitoring and recording all incoming and outgoing calls in your call center, you not only get valuable opportunities to provide coaching and feedback – you also get to manage performance when an employee’s actions are a behavioral issue rather than an instance of insufficient training.

Call recording systems are ideal for the small to medium sized company who wants to improve employee performance, increase customer service quality or simply better protect themselves against legal liability.

Protect your company against employees who put it at risk through their ill-advised treatment of your customers. Use call recording software to document employee misconduct so you can take swift action and defend yourself against any wrongful termination challenge.

Last Updated on August 10, 2020