What is Call Monitoring Software and how to use it effectively.

What is Call Monitoring Software and how to use it effectively.
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

It is essential for any organization to improve the performance of their call center. One effective way to achieve this is through call monitoring. This involves business managers listening to the inbound and outbound calls of their call center agents. Call monitoring allows managers to provide feedback and training to agents to improve their performance and productivity. It is an effective tool for enhancing the customer experience for any company.

This article examines call monitoring in-depth, discusses its importance and identifies the benefits of call monitoring software.

What is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring is the act of listening to a telephone conversation by a third party. Call monitoring may occur with or without the knowledge of both the caller and/or the receiver. It’s used in many industries such as finance, health care, law enforcement, transportation and many businesses. The uses for many businesses may be to coach employees to improve performance, improve customer experience, comply with regulation and recreate incidents and investigations.

Call Center Agent
Call Center Agent

What are the types of Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring can be performed during live and recorded phone calls.

  1. Live call monitoring – is the act of a third party listening to a telephone call while the conversation is taking place. Managers can start listening to a call from the beginning or at any point within the conversation.
  2. Recorded phone call monitoring – is the act of listening to a telephone call after the conversation has been completed. Managers can review the call multiple times alone, with the call center agent or with other employees.

Both live and recorded phone call monitoring have advantages and disadvantages. Businesses use call monitoring software to perform both tasks.

What is Call Monitoring Software?

Call monitoring software is an application tool that empowers business managers and enables them to listen to company telephone calls from a central location. The software allows business managers to listen to both live and recorded calls and provides them with actionable insights. They can listen to these calls and pinpoint areas of improvement for employees or company procedures and policies.

What are Live Call Monitoring benefits?

Sophisticated call monitoring software allows managers to silently enter a live conversation. Both the caller and the receiver will not be able to hear the manager enter the conversation and the manager will be able to hear both sides of the conversation. The benefits of this feature are:

  • Call takeover – The manager can listen to the call and determine if and when they would need to step into the conversation.
  • Call Assist – The manager can monitor the call and deliver notes to the agent and provide direction.
  • Immediate feedback after calls – This is especially important for new hires within the company. Providing immediate feedback and direction will improve the agent’s performance quickly when an agent first starts interacting with calls.

What are Recorded Call Monitoring benefits?

Call monitoring software can be a valuable to for any business of all sizes to improve the performance of their call centers. Providing call center employees with training benefits the company, agents and customers for as long as the business engages with customers over the phone.

What are Call Recording benefits for the agents?

Call monitoring provides benefits to all agents regardless if they are a seasoned professional or a new entry level employee. Having a third party listen and review calls will allow the agent to improve customer service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Resolve customer issues faster and lower Average Resolution Time (ART).
  • Improve the quality of their service to raise their Customer Satisfaction Score.
  • Increase the volume of First Call Resolution (FCR).
  • Improve the Customer Resolution Rate by increasing the number of issues the agent resolves versus their total number of calls.

What are Call Recording benefits for the managers?

Call monitoring is an essential tool to allow the call center supervisor to listen, take notes and target the areas for improvement the agent needs. It empowers the business manager to take action and focus on tasks such as:

  • Provide targeted feed back to their agents and focus solely on areas for improvement.
  • Design training sessions focusing on soft skills where the agents need improvement.
  • Recognize workflows and processes built within company operations that are inefficient and act accordingly.
  • Intervene as necessary during a call to prevent escalations and compliance issues.
  • Regularly evaluate agent performance.

What are Call Recording benefits for the company?

In addition to the benefits both the call center agent and supervisor receives, the company benefits in having optimized business functions, improved employee performance and top line revenue. This is achieved from:

  • Optimizing operational efficiency by adjusting workflows ensuring the processes run efficiently. This is achieved by setting up benchmarks for KPIs such as FCR, ART, Customer Resolution Rate, and more.
  • Improving marketing efforts by obtaining insights about the customer issues and resolve them by featuring the company products.
  • Prevent compliance issues by monitoring specific interactions with clients and ensure employees are following regulatory laws and procedures.
  • Reduce corporate liability from a customer dispute due to a miscommunication. This helps the company and the agent understand the origin of the issue to defuse the customer dispute before it escalates.

Get the most out of Call Monitoring

Investing in call monitoring software will help maintain an effective and productive workforce. The objective of the software is to help companies identify and address workflow issues. By using call monitoring software to evaluate business processes, identify common customer issues and train call center agents, companies can streamline call resolutions and improve customer service. Using call monitoring in a positive and supportive manner will lead to more productive call center agents, satisfied customers and make any business more successful.

To take advantage of the benefits of call monitoring, contact us for a call monitoring software solution and take your business to the next level.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2024