VSLogger Software Release - Version 4.9.6

VSLogger Software Release - Version 4.9.6

Last Updated on April 8, 2024


Version 4.9.6 release allows businesses to record computer screen activity and phone calls via microphone/speaker activity trigger.

Irvine, California – March 22nd, 2021 – Versadial Solutions, an industry-leading call recording solution provider, has released VSLogger 4.9.6. The new release of the recording software provides the ability to record both the audio and screen activities of an agent’s workstation at any call center location without the complex integration of a corresponding proprietary phone system or cloud voice service. This is accomplished by recording the workstation’s screen and phone calls. The program is triggered by audio activity via workstation default microphone/speakers.

More and more businesses continue to expand their remote workforce prompting an escalated need for remote employee workstation monitoring and recording. In response to the escalated need, Versadial Solutions has developed this capability and support for virtually any proprietary phone system or cloud based voice service in their VSLogger platform.

The new features provide screen capture and call recording for businesses to monitor the computer screen activity and call interactions of their remote employees. The screen recording program is triggered by the remote employees’ microphone/speaker activity on their computer workstation. This applies to the employees’ soft phone or voice client application. The screen capture video is merged with the call audio into a single audio/video recording.

This screen/call monitoring system is the perfect solution for any remote call center employee recording to support any encrypted or unsupported phone service.

For additional specification information, please Versadial Solutions Common Call Recording Scenarios resource page.


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Last Updated on April 8, 2024