VSLogger Recorder - Software Release (version 4.9.2)

VSLogger Recorder - Software Release (version 4.9.2)
Last Updated on December 20, 2019

SIPREC support is the highlight for 4.9.2!

If you are familiar with Cisco BIB, and other active recording methods, SIPREC will sound very familiar. SIPREC allows for a more efficient manner to record your VoIP calls. Users can take advantage of utilizing SIPREC protocols supporting devices to record remote users and multi-office locations to a single recorder.

SIPREC protocol based recording eliminates the need for Port Mirroring as well as special VPN configuration for multiple sites. This reduces costs, simplifies maintenance and increases versatility in recording multiple business locations and phones. This is a powerful and flexible call recording option, especially if you already use devices with SIPREC support.
A list of some of the devices supporting SIPREC protocol

  • Acme Packet platform for SIPREC based call recording
  • Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) based recording (maybe/probably works as BIB)
  • Cisco VCS for Permanent Conference Recording
  • Polycom RMX for conference recording
  • Oracle Communications Border Controller
  • AudioCodes Mediant SBCA
  • Avaya SBCE
  • Genband SBC
  • Ribbon SBCs
  • OpenSIP sip proxy with RTP proxy
  • And many more

Hosted PBX platforms supporting SIPREC interface:

  • BroadWorks for SIPREC based call recording
  • Metaswitch CFS
SIPREC recording with Versadial Solutions

Support for VoIP HFA (Unify/Siemens)

4.9.2 release also brings support for VoIP HFA protocol. We had requests from multiple customers to add support for VoIP Unify/Siemens VoIP phones with HFA signaling. This release finally delivers on this promise.

VSLogger Alarm/Notification Enhancement

VSLogger alarms have been drastically improved. Customers may now configure alarms/notifications for the following scenarios:

  • No Activity Channels (Per-channel, is every channel recording?)
  • Non-Stop Activity Timeout (hrs) (Was there a stop recording signal missed? This will now detect endless recording.)
  • Non-Stop Activity Channels (Not only endless recordings but which channel is the issue!)

Last Updated on December 20, 2019