VSLogger Recorder - New Release

VSLogger Recorder - New Release
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Versadial Releases 4.9.1 VSlogger and Adutante

This intermediate release focuses on the administrative backend to help improve configuration and optimization for large scale recording deployments.

This release includes:

  • VSLogger – User interface for VOX activity detection configuration
  • Adutante – Combined user permissions view
  • Performance optimization for systems with 100 or more channels

These changes will improve the administrative side experience for configuration and setup, as well as ongoing maintenance. Although not as exciting as a front end overhaul or change, this release will make most IT administrators happy with the simplified user management and configuration options. 

Below is a screenshot of the updated VOX configuration screen. Administrators no longer need to rely on CLI to adjust VOX levels but can utilize the built-in Graphical User Interface to fine-tune the VOX settings. 


Coming Soon to the VSLogger

Our next release will focus on expanding VoIP recording functionality. As VoIP becomes more predominate, we are adding greater support to handle the variety of protocols and services in the marketplace.

  • Generic SIPREC specs implementation
  • Zetron  SIPREC support (Voice logger gateway protocol)

Last Updated on April 8, 2024