VSLogger Honored With Two Prestigious Customer Support Software Awards

VSLogger Honored With Two Prestigious Customer Support Software Awards

User Experience Award

Rising Star AwardVSLogger’s team is proud to announce its first recognition by FinancesOnline.com awards, who distinguished us for quality and reliability of customer support and services/features we provide. Their review team evaluated VSLogger using their standardized scoring procedure, and concluded it met all of their high usability criteria needed to earn a place among the best performers. As a result, VSLogger is now the platform’s Rising Star for 2017, and the holder of a 2017 Great User Experience Award for the same year. Both recognitions are exclusively assigned to products giving users a hassle-free and responsive environment, and ones that introduce an innovative policy to help them stand out from the competition.

Our friendship story with FinancesOnline.com began with a detailed VSLogger review prepared by their experts, who often have the last say on which software caters best to the needs of corporate environments. The team of professionals made sure readers knew exactly which features we have to offer, and how those features could positively influence their business operations.

Following the detailed evaluation of our service, VSLogger was described as a unique call recording solution that gives businesses full liability control, but also handles incident recreation, live monitoring, workflow optimization, quality control and coaching.

Experts discussed the benefits and features from our product, including the possibility to make accurate QC evaluations, review and coach, and monitor how well agents manage time and assignments. Experts believed it was quite specific for a call recording tool to offer in-depth analytics, and praised the grading and scoring of calls, per-call reporting, and automated archiving. They invited readers to consider us because of our system’s flexibility, as Versadial is one of the few recording providers with the ability to record from multiple lines types (analog, digital, VoIP, radio) and from multiple PBX manufacturers.  In addition, the pricing model of complete systems or a kit recording option allows small to medium-sized companies to take advantage of all the benefits of a recording solution without sacrificing features and usability.