Voice Logging and Call Logging....what is it?

Voice Logging and Call Logging....what is it?

What is Call Logging and Voice Logging

Voice logging and call logging is actually the same thing. It involves recording phone lines, radio lines, or VoIP lines. Then using a system or software to help monitor and mark these calls and recordings for reference or internal training.

Most of the time, the phrases voice logging and call logging are used in a business environment. They are also usually on a large scale, recording multiple lines (up to 256 lines on a single server).

There are two pieces of the puzzle when dealing with voice logging and call logging. Your first piece is your call recording equipment. This is usually a server designed to have a recording card and a large hard drive. The recorder then works in conjunction with your voice and call logging software. The software is the user interface that allows managers, sales reps, or owners to search, listen to phone calls, monitor live calls, grade calls, and extract portions of a call. The manager can then use these call recordings to help enhance their sales force effectiveness or to increase customer satisfaction.

In some cases, having a voice logging or call logging software system also allows a business to reduce their liability. By recording their phone calls the business can prevent legal actions and help protect the business from 3rd party allegations. Call recordings can be used as evidence in some cases, helping reduce the need for a trial or lawsuit.