How A Voice Logger Benefits Tech Support...and the Whole Company

How A Voice Logger Benefits Tech Support...and the Whole Company

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

tech-support-voice-logger Customers call tech support hotlines each day looking for solutions to the problems they encounter using products from personal electronics to appliances to software. The results of those calls are either the building blocks of customer loyalty or the beginning of the end of a customer relationship. How can your company insure tech support is something customers rave about rather than rant about?

Call logging software
is the single most important quality assurance tool you can use to be certain your tech support reps are doing the right thing for each customer. Here are four ways voice logging can benefit a tech support department and an entire company.

1. Product Improvement

Tech support departments keep track of trends. The same complaint received over and over potentially indicates a significant defect in the product. Call loggers allow calls to be tagged with certain words for easy retrieval later on.

Software developers can pull the calls, review them for specifics and get to work on an update. Quality assurance reps can pull a product, duplicate the conditions described by the customers and verify the malfunction. From there, work begins to fix the problem.

Not only can tech support calls reveal defects but they can determine functionality and improve features that customers feel are important. Calls can be flagged or tagged and retrieved at a later date as part of the product development process.

2. Information Sharing

Along those same lines, but applicable in other scenarios too, is the concept of information sharing. Customers provide great information to tech support, not just about the product per se. Passing this feedback to various departments can be somewhat inconvenient and if done via email or phone, something inevitably gets lost in translation.

Call recording software comes in handy because each call has its own distinct file which can be sent to other departments with a few clicks. How about emailing the recorded call file to Marketing, Product Development or Legal? All the information arrives in the exact form it was provided by the customer.

3. Service Improvement

No two tech support agents are alike. Many have an excellent “bedside manor” to go along with their strong technical skills. Others, though, struggle with their communication skills or perhaps have an accent that renders them hard to understand on the phone.

The voice logger can record all agent calls so they can be reviewed later for formal quality assurance. Supervisors can also monitor calls in real time and provide feedback to agents that will help them improve immediately. The combination of both functions can help supervisors create individualized training plans for each rep.

4. Reduced Liability

Tech support reps provide solutions to problems. They give advice on how to better utilize the product. If their instructions aren’t followed, the customer may actually make the situation worse. If the situation gets worse, calls may be escalated or the customer may consider a Better Business Bureau complaint. Or worse, file a formal complaint with the state’s Attorney General.

Having a recording of a conversation becomes a company’s number one weapon against legal or regulatory claims. The digital file can be played back and used for review or to settle a dispute before escalation.

Only one of the reasons above may be enough for you to conclude a call logger is right for your business. In that event, Versadial becomes your #1 choice. Recording thousands of channels is pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. Using our logging software to retrieve calls and run customized QA tests is good practice and in the end, good business.

Versadial’s software is easily customized, secure and priced attractively. Contact us today for a demo.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024