Versadial Solutions Releases VSLogger 4.8.7 Call Recording

Versadial Solutions Releases VSLogger 4.8.7 Call Recording
Last Updated on August 28, 2020

Simplified Speech Analytics Licensing, Speech Analytics Post Processing Enhancement, and NEC VoIP Signaling (SIP Based) Support

Simplified Speech Analytics Licensing

We simplified the way speech analytics is licensed. Traditionally, SaaS providers license speech analytics based on hours uploaded to a third party provider. Instead, Versadial only requires a one-time flat fee to enable the speech analytics feature within the VSLogger software. Once enabled, you work with one of our third party partners to set up and pay for usage, and comfortably use the VSLogger features without worrying about additional costs.

Versadial aims to make speech analytics affordable to everyone. We encourage you to reach out to our current third party partners, YacTraq and Google, and inquire about the surprisingly affordable cost of usage.

Speech Analytics post processing is now automatic.

We have greatly enhanced our speech analytics capability with our recent software release version 4.8.7. VSLogger can now utilize the speech-to-text data received and automatically search the text for specific criteria specified by the administrator. Once a call matches the criteria, VSLogger will automatically append notes or flag the call. Additionally, notifications can be emailed to managers alerting them of calls matching the criteria.

For example:

You can configure VSLogger to append the note “review call with credit card” to all calls in which the phrase “credit card” is spoken. Here is how it works:

1) VSLogger records the call; 2) the call is uploaded to a third party speech analytics provider, such as YacTraq or Google to process; 3) the converted speech-to-text is sent back to VSLogger and added to the audio call; 4) VSlogger scans this speech-to-text for the phrase “credit card”; 5) If VSLogger finds a call matching this requirement, VSLogger will automatically append the note “review call with credit card” to the specific recording.

The manager can then search for all calls in a specific range that have the note “review call with credit card” and listen to the specific section where the phrase “credit card” was found in the recording. The manager can then check to make sure the credit card details were properly muted.

 This new feature speeds up the managers quality control process, and allows them to find calls that are targeted. No more randomly digging or listening to calls, all of the tedious work can be eliminated, and your efficiency and quality of review will increase dramatically.

Here are some more examples of criteria’s that can be created:

  1. If call has “a swear word” then add RED FLAG to the call and email Manager
  2. If call has “cancel” or “canceling service” then append note “CANCELED” to the call and email Manager
  3. If call has “Thank you for calling XYZ” then add GREEN FLAG to the call

The possibilities are endless. Speak with a Versadial Account manager to learn more about the enhancement to our speech analytics integration and start taking advantage!

Support for proprietary NEC VoIP signaling (SIP based) without SMDR

What does this do for you? If you have NEC VoIP, things just got a whole lot easier!

Similar to our previous implementation with Cisco Skinny, or Avaya H323, our integration and support of NEC VoIP signaling allows for easier configuration, less maintenance time, less risk of lost data (making a more reliable connection), and less cost for you.

Before, obtaining call details required an additional license from NEC as well as configuration and integration via SMDR. This method was both time consuming and not always reliable when it came to obtaining the data desired. Now, with direct support of NEC VoIP signaling (SIP based) we no longer need SMDR integration to capture call details.

Have NEC VoIP? Call a Versadial Account manager today to learn more about our solution, our integration, and the benefits associated with our recording software.

Versadial is always looking to enhance our recording software. If you have a PBX or phone service that we have not previously tested on or have listed in our supported table, please reach out to us. We will work with you in testing and development. Under some circumstances, we will even provide you with free recording licenses for your corporation during the testing phase.

Last Updated on August 28, 2020