Versadial Solutions call recording software now capable of detecting when a customer is lying by utilizing speech analytics.

Irvine, California, April 1st, 2018 – Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has added a new feature that integrates with speech analytics technology.

“The customer is always right” is a slogan popularized by Harry Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshal Field. The saying and the meaning has controlled businesses across all industries and made many bend over backward to service and provide great customer service. It was a slogan that made customers feel important and to ensure that their complaints would not go unheard and taken seriously. Versadial is changing that with a revolutionary new feature.

“We are not saying customers are not always right, but, they sometimes fib when complaining and we wanted to even the playing field,” noted Don Soroka, Lead Sales Associate for Versadial Solutions. “I personally have utilized the feature with our internal recorder when dealing with customers, and I have called people out for lying and have found it to be very effective.”

Studies have found that 82.5% of all customers who complain about a service or issue, partially lie when conveying their side of the story. For years, customer service reps had to assume that everything they said was truthful, and would go out of their way to accommodate the customer. Now, with the ability to actively record the call and process it instantaneously with speech analytics, a meter on Versadial’s call recording dashboard indicates when a person is either telling the truth or lying.

“Having a BS meter really gives me confidence when I’m on the phone. It allows me to determine if a complaint is real, or something else is going on,” continued Don Soroka.  Versadial decided to develop the Lie Detector after receiving many requests from current call recording customers. Whether Versadial was able to determine if the actual requests were lies are unknown, since that would require the cart before the horse.

“After development finished 2 years ago, we tested the feature with a small number of our customers and they were very excited,” mentioned Corey Tolmasoff, Director of Marketing for Versadial Solutions. “Businesses told us after calling their customers out for lying, it completely ended the call and they never heard from that customer again, thus, all complaints have been resolved and ended quickly.” When asked whether that meant customers completely left and no longer did business after being confronted, Mr. Tolmasoff stated “No comment.”

Regardless of the long-term effect, the Lie Detector feature created by Versadial is sure to be revolutionary within the industry. No other call recording company has it, and being the first to market is sure to place Versadial at the forefront of the industry.

About Versadial Solutions

Established in 1994, Versadial has been offering call recording solutions for over 20 years.  Our call recording software is affordable, reliable, easy and intuitive.  Our goal and passion is to create, design, and develop a call recording system that fits the needs of our customers.

All information provided is fake and not to be considered true. Versadial’s speech analytics integration detected and has marked this post to be completely fabricated and a lie. Happy April Fools!


Corey Tolmasoff
Versadial Solutions