Versadial Call Recorder Records Radio Voice Over Internet Protocol (ROIP)

Versadial Call Recorder Records Radio Voice Over Internet Protocol (ROIP)

Last Updated on August 28, 2020
Versadial Solutions released VSLogger 4.8.1 adding the ability to record Radio Over IP communication presented as IP Unicast or IP multicast streams.

Irvine, California – May 22nd, 2017 – Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has released VSLogger 4.8.1 with enhanced features to record RoIP.

VoIP telephone systems have become a common and growing solution for many business and government agencies. Year after year, the growth of this technology has allowed many companies to transition from legacy phone solutions to less expensive VoIP.  With this transition, the move to RoIP has also slowly taken over. As RoIP is starting to replace traditional analog, digital radio links, gateways and adapter outputs, the capability to record these new formats has become a necessary requirement.

Oleg Melikhov, VP of Engineering of Versadial, stated, “VoIP and RoIP have been around for a while, but with technology, it sometimes takes a little while to catch up and become more affordable and reliable. RoIP is now starting to take over, and in many cases is more flexible and reliable than traditional interconnection links.”

“Many of our customers and prospects were moving to this new technology,” continued Oleg Melikhov, “we made it a priority to modify our recording software to be able to record RoIP, IP multicast, and IP unicast streams. We were successful in implementing a solution quickly for a number of customers, and our recorder is now able to capture not only their analog, TDM, and VoIP traffic but also their RoIP traffic on the same server.”

Versadial has successfully recorded the following RoIP systems, and continued testing and development of other RoIP solutions are underway:

  • Telex IP-224 Radio Adapter: IP Unicast or IP multicast options
  • BARIX INSTREAMER: Analog audio to RoIP Unicast converter
  • Cisco IPICS server: Radio outputs as IP multicast

Similar to how VoIP solutions have steadily grown, Versadial foresees RoIP becoming more prevalent in the near future.  

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Last Updated on August 28, 2020