Versadial call recorder integrates with active directory and releases new enhanced vault storage and encryption

Versadial call recorder integrates with active directory and releases new enhanced vault storage and encryption

Last Updated on April 8, 2024
Recording Vault and EncryptionVersadial Solutions released VSLogger 4.8.0 with enhanced encryption and tight integration with active directory.  Additionally, 4.8.0 brings an accurate visual representation of the recorded call with a visual audio wav.

Irvine, California – February 16th, 2017 – Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has released VSLogger 4.8.0 with enhanced features.

User management is the bane of every IT and data management administrator, keeping track of multiple applications, users, and log-in access is a job all by itself. By utilizing active directory, Versadial’s call recorder allows administrators to manage a single username and password database, and simplifies recorder access and permissions management.

Micah Clarke, Support Engineer with Versadial, stated, “Simplified user management allows larger installations to be configured in a timelier manner; by utilizing the Active Directory integration we are able to assist IT administrators in setting proper permissions to their recorders in half the time.”

“Also, a really helpful addition to our latest version is the visible audio waveform graph during playback of recorded calls,” continued Micah Clarke. “This visual allows quality control managers listening to dozens of calls to visually see if there are any gaps in dialog. The visual waveform displays active and quiet moments in the conversation, providing cues for the QC manager to spot any delays or issues during a customer support call and allowing them to more quickly identify issues.”

Quality control and training is a common use for call recording solutions. Many businesses rely on using these audio recordings to train their employees and quickly spot any issues, or alternatively spot excellent calls that can be modeled by other agents. This new visual audio representation will speed up the process for QC managers in their day to day activities.

Additionally, version 4.8 brings a new encryption feature. Security is always a top priority, with call data and recordings containing important dialog and information, it is key to keep this information secure. With an enhanced encryption add-on, Versadial introduced the Recording Vault. The Vault is similar in nature to a bank vault, in that your valuables (recordings), are stored and locked away. Without the key, data cannot be accessed, recovered, or played. Data is secure and safely stored away to assist businesses in complying with HIPAA standards and PCI requirements.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2024