Using Call Recording to Increase Sales

Using Call Recording to Increase Sales

Last Updated on April 8, 2024


As a sales consultant and trainer I’m always looking for ways to assist my clients in increasing sales. When it comes to inside salespeople the very best way is to monitor them in real-time so you can hear what the prospect and salesperson are saying to each other but a very close second, and in some ways it’s first, is call recording.

I have several clients who have the capability to record every call their inside sales reps make/receive and I can tell you it gives you a great tool for training and development purposes. It’s simple and easy to use and gives you proof when coaching salespeople.

When I observe salespeople in the field and coach them afterwards I know that sometimes they’re thinking, “No way, I didn’t really do/say that.” With call recording the rep cannot debate what they said or did which means you can coach them honestly and while they may not like what they hear, it gives them what they need to improve.

When a client identifies a rep who needs coaching they supply me with all the recordings in a given time period. I then listen to the calls, paying attention to all the details of a call…how they greeted the prospect, what they said and how they responded to what the prospect asked, did they actively listen and so much more. It can be a bit time consuming but it allows me to identify calls that went well as well as those that didn’t go so well. I’m then able to “mark” the calls for coaching the rep. The rep is brought into a room where we have audio capabilities and I can play the appropriate (or portions of) call.

When coaching it’s important to point out not only what they could have done better but also what they did well. After reviewing a call I like to ask the rep what they think went well and what they feel they could have done better. This gives them the opportunity to learn on their own. Often they are much harder on themselves than I would be. Once they’ve critiqued themselves I point out both the good and the not-so-good as well as what they could have said or done differently.

Call recording and review is a powerful coaching tool for improving inside sales reps as well as outside reps when they’re attempting to make appointments over the phone. Used properly it can show dramatic results in improving technique and bringing about increased sales.

Jeff Goldberg
Twitter – jeffgprospeaker

Jeff Goldberg is an award-winning sales professional with 4 decades of sales, sales management, training & consulting experience. He has had the opportunity to teach, coach, mentor and speak in front of tens of thousands of sales professionals, ranging from financially successful veterans to the most junior new hires in a diverse array of industries. He has worked with and trained executives in such areas as Advertising, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Transportation to name just a few.

Jeff delivers powerful, high-energy programs and speeches that draw on his years of experience as a performer in the theatre and stand-up comedy. He is relentlessly energetic and results-driven and injects humor, passion, and a strong dose of reality into all his programs. He has delivered training for clients such as State Farm, Aramark, Siemens, Newsday, Cisco, Citibank, Cablevision, and others representing nearly every commercial and industrial category.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024