Two Technologies that Can Double Your Sales in the Next 90 Days

Two Technologies that Can Double Your Sales in the Next 90 Days

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

two technologies for business growthWhat does technology have to do with closing sales?

We like to think of selling as something that requires a “human touch.” WE assume it has to do with learning new skills. We rarely realize that technology can make our selling, and our customer service, more effective AND, believe it or not, more human.

Let’s look at the two technologies that smart sales managers are using to dramatically increase your sales rates…

#1: Customer Behavior Tracking Technologies

Companies like America Express, Nordstrom and many of the trusted fortune 500 brands you read about have a good idea of their customer’s buying behaviors.

Not only do they have their customers sorted into tiers, they can tell you exactly how much those customers are likely to spend when they visit. They can tell you what age group and income bracket their best customers belong to and they can tell you what kinds of language they’re more likely to respond to.

Is this kind of intelligence gathering reserved only for the elite companies who have deep pockets? Or, do they HAVE deep pockets because they were diligent in gathering this kind of information?

The latter is the truth, and if you want to build a rock solid business, you should consider doing the same thing these trusted brands are doing.

Behavior tracking technologies might include programs like “Infusion Soft,” “Ontraport” and, if used right, CRM solutions like

The “secret,” if you’d call it that, is to use the features that allow you to track customer behaviors such as: what types of ads they respond to, which media channels they trust most and, most important, how much they’re likely to spend if they do business with you.

#2: Call Monitoring, Recording and Archiving

You can’t improve something if you don’t know what’s wrong with it, what’s right with it and where the areas are for improvement. Your phone reps’ performance is the perfect example of this principle.

Call monitoring and recording allows you to record, archive and EASILY access EVERY conversation happening between your reps and your customers. Imagine knowing why your best reps are your best reps. Imagine knowing what challenges your reps are facing when they talk to customers.

Imagine identifying even 50% of the common challenges in you call center. How much more focused and effective would your training sessions become? We’re living in an age where customer knowledge is quickly becoming the most valuable asset to a company.

What better way to get to know your customers than having technology for tracking their response behaviors AND monitoring the conversations that take place between your reps and your customers?

You now know the two technologies that make this possible. Use them. See for yourself how quickly you can boost your sales and profits.

Last Updated on November 30, 2020